Come and Spaghett It: Here are All the Places to Get Your Next Pasta Fix From

You can fight me on this but I will always stand by pasta being the ultimate comfort food. Pasta never hurts you, it never disappoints, and it always hits just the right spot. In these trying times, we could all use a bit of comfort — and a lot of pasta.

Here are 13 pasta deliveries that will have you scrambling for seconds:

13. Sestra Quisina

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Sestra Quisina is a small passion project cooked up by two sisters, Ayra and Kayla. The two are completely different from each other — save for their love of food. After being together 24/7 in the kitchen during the quarantine, they decided to put this love of food to good use.

They launched Sestra Quisina with their bestseller, Cheesy Meaty Lasagna. Their recipe had always been a crowd favorite, selling out at bazaars and being sought after by friends. It’s a cheesy, creamy, saucy, and meaty dish all baked with layers of love… what more can you ask for?

Started from the love of food, playing around the kitchen, and serving those closest to them, taking a bite of Sestra Quisina’s lasagna gives an incomparable feeling of comfort and excitement.

What makes them unique?

Sestra Quisina’s Cheesy Meaty Lasagna stays true to its name. Their motto in the kitchen is to always be generous when it comes to food which is why they never skimp on the good stuff. They make sure every customer feels the love poured into their dishes.

Sestra Quisina delivers throughout Metro Manila and Rizal. They occasionally deliver to Bulacan. Delivery is booked for the customers to ensure the cheapest delivery fee.

Their lasagna is best enjoyed heated. If reheating through an oven, preheat it at 150C and reheat the dish for 10-15 minutes. If reheating through a microwave, transfer the lasagna to a microwaveable container and pop it in for 40 seconds to 2 minutes. It’s best stored for 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

12. Truffle, Truly

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Truffle, Truly is a business started out of love for good food that is reasonably priced – which is exactly what they bring to the table. You’d think that a business whose menu focuses entirely on truffle dishes would only be for those with more means but that’s not the case here.

Their servings are filled to the brim of every tub and generously loaded with toppings, making for a very sulit meal. But of course, the highlight of their dishes is the taste. Whether it’s their Truffle Mac & Cheese with Bacon, White Truffle and Bacon pasta, or Truffle Aioli, the flavors come out fiercely but perfectly balanced.

What makes them unique?

A lot of love goes into their dishes and they make sure that each and every customer gets a bang for their buck. Their pastas are made-to-order to guarantee freshness and are always loaded with toppings and liberal amounts of truffle oil.

Truffle, Truly delivers throughout Metro Manila and to select areas in Cavite and Bulacan via third-party couriers. Their White Truffle pasta is best eaten after a 2-minute reheat in the microwave and should be mixed well. Their Truffle Mac & Cheese should reheat in the oven at 350f for 5-6 minutes.

11. Nikka’s Kitchen

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The woman behind Nikka’s Kitchen has been in the Food & Service industry for over 15 years now. She’s had experience managing restaurants both in the Philippines and abroad, so you can be assured of the quality of the dishes you order.

Her interest in cooking began with her father. From him, she learned that homemade meals for friends and family should not only be consistently delicious but also completos recados – no shortcuts. This philosophy shines through in the overwhelming flavors of their Spicy Tuna Pasta, Pizza, and Zucchini Chocolate Loaf.

What makes them unique? 

The vegetables and herbs used in their dishes are all picked from their own garden so you can be certain of its quality and freshness. It’s a garden-to-table approach you won’t see from many other places.

Nikka’s Kitchen delivers all around Cavite, Pasay, and Quezon City. Their pasta and pizza are best consumed immediately while the chocolate loaf stays up to 3 days in the refrigerator.

10. Cafeteria by CookingChrissy

cafeteria by cookingchrissy

FB: Cafeteria by CookingChrissy

These cheesy pesto lasagna rolls take the comforting form of lasagna with a new twist. Instead of the usual béchamel-bolognese combo, this pasta has layers and layers of cheesy pesto goodness. If you’re looking to try something new, this is definitely the order for you.

9. Lasagna MNL (@lasagnamnl)


Photo from Lasagna MNL

FB: Lasagna MNL

If it’s ultra creamy and ultra cheesy lasagna you’re looking for, check out Lasagna MNL. Their Filipino-style recipe is sweet, creamy, and cheesy; even kids will love it! Plus, each order of a Lasagna MNL Family tray gives a Php100 donation to support a foundation in need. Read our full review on Lasagna MNL here.

8. Dishes By Boo

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As with many of the new, small businesses popping up, Dishes by Boo began as a way to cope with being out-of-work due to the pandemic. However, this new venture is definitely backed by the experience and expertise necessary to deliver delicious dishes to its customers.

The cook behind Dishes by Boo graduated as a food technologist and worked as a product developer for a multinational seasoning & flavoring company. Her training led her to develop the knowledge and skills that allow her to strike a perfect balance among different flavors. While franchising and managing a small restaurant has helped her identify exactly what the customer wants.

What makes them unique? 

All their ingredients and suppliers are carefully chosen to bring out the best flavor profile they can provide. Balance is particularly important to Dishes by Boo and they are confident that shines through in their Truffle Mac & Cheese.

The truffle is present, but not overpowering; their combination of three different kinds of cheese brings good taste and mouthfeel to the dish. Most of their ingredients are imported and sourced from suppliers abroad: cheese from America and Italy, black truffle oil & zest from Italy, and even milk from Poland. There is absolutely no artificial flavoring or MSG, making for a better and healthier dish.

Dishes by Boo delivers throughout Metro Manila through couriers. They offer 2 sizes for their pasta (tub and square pan) and accept orders for Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays but are open for special orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

7. Lanimá Lasagna

FB: Lanima Lasagna / Contact No.: 0917-7137367

A name which translates to “Lasagna ni Mama”, Lanimá Lasagna was born from a mother’s recipe which was perfected after years of cooking. The dish had been a staple at family gatherings, events, and celebrations before the team behind Lanimá Lasagna sought to bring it to the public.

Lanimá Lasagna values quality as the utmost priority. That’s why they always ensure that you get the best experience from them, from the first slice up to the last.

What makes them unique? 

They play their strengths and embrace the homemade goodness of their version of lasagna. They strive to give their customers a comfortable and homey feeling as they enjoy their lasagna through its meaty and cheesy flavors – just like mom’s cooking would.

Plus, their lasagna trays come in 3 affordable sizes (solo, group, and family) as they aim to cater to different kinds of customers!

Lanimá Lasagna delivers throughout Metro Manila through courier services. All dishes are cooked on the day of order and are recommended to be consumed immediately to maintain freshness and quality.

6. Ooh Mummie! (@oohmummie)

ooh mummie cold spaghetti

Contact No.: 09175131291

Sometimes we just can’t help but crave a good bowl of mom’s spaghetti and Ooh Mummie!’s Cold Spaghetti is exactly that – but on steroids. Its creamy, cheesy sauce is the ultimate indulgence balanced out by hints of sweetness and savory, achieving that elusive umami flavor.

Ooh Mummie! delivers to any area serviceable by a third-party courier. Their spaghetti is best eaten cold and straight out of the fridge, but if warm pasta is your preference then feel free to heat it up in their microwave-safe containers! Read our full review on Ooh Mummie! here. 

5. Yoyow’s (

Yoyows Seafood Pasta Sauce 2

Photo from Yoyow’s

FB: Yoyows

If you love seafood, then you can’t miss out on Yoyow’s Seafood Pasta Sauce. Just heat it up and add it to any pasta of your choice, and you’ve got yourself some deliciously creamy pasta. The best part is that they don’t scrimp on the seafood in any way, so you’ll be able to get an amazing seafood fix out of it! Read our full review on Yoyow’s here.

4. Pasta Moriska

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Pasta Moriska cooks for their family. What they offer to their customers, they offer their kids first. And that’s exactly how customers can be assured of its quality because when you cook for your family, you cook with generosity.

The couple behind Pasta Moriska believes that there is no such thing as “pangyayaman” food — all food should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of economic status. That’s exactly what their kitchen embodies, serving quality dishes at affordable prices.

Pasta Moriska began with a mom trying to get 2 picky-eating children to enjoy their food. Their food reflects this origin, with pasta dishes that everyone in the family will enjoy and are guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers. They offer Pesto, Meatball Spaghetti, Carbonara, Truffle, and Seafood Pasta on their menu.

What makes them unique? 

Pasta Moriska allows the customer to customize their dishes by selecting their preferred pasta noodle: Spaghetti, Fettucine, Linguine, Fusilli, or Penne.

They also offer an eat-first-before-payment scheme. This means they only ask for payment once the customer has tried their dish and is satisfied with it. If the customer thinks the pasta isn’t worthy of payment, then it’s free. However, the customer will not be able to order again to prevent abuse.

They deliver throughout Metro Manila through Lalamove or Mr. Speedy. They offer free delivery within Katarungan Poblacion Muntinlupa and additional charges within Muntinlupa. Their pasta sauces last up to over a week if refrigerated but advise the dish to be consumed within 1-4 days to ensure quality.

3. Ate Xaxha’s

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Ate Xaxha’s is a small but growing business that is run by an enthusiastic duo who loves cooking delicious food and even more so, eating them. Their recipes have been tried-and-tested by the experience of running a food stall, then improved as they adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From running a weekend stall in a food park to owning a permanent stall in another food park and to now operating an online food service, Ate Xaxha’s recipes have gone through numerous iterations. Each time, their dishes come out better and tastier.

You’re sure to be satisfied with Ate Xaxha’s because they don’t scrimp on their sauces and all their flavors pack a powerful punch. They offer 4-Cheese Beef Lasagna, Pesto, Spicy Tuna, and Chicken Alfredo with Mushrooms and Spinach on their menu.

What makes them unique? 

They cook each order on the day of delivery so its freshness is beyond doubt. It also means you can customize your order to fit a certain flavor profile you might be looking for.

Ate Xaxha’s delivers throughout Metro Manila or anywhere reachable by Grab or Lalamove. Their dishes are best served warm.

2. Chef’s Cravings

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This brand came to be mainly thanks to the Chef in Chef’s Cravings and the dad of the family, Chef Edwin V. Santos. After retiring as Shangri-La Makati’s executive chef last April, Chef Edwin opted to be a stay-at-home dad. He stayed away from the kitchen, even at home, until his craving began to strike.

What began as simply whipping up the dishes he was craving to feed his family turned into a full-blown menu. Together, they set up Chef’s Cravings and watched it snowball from selling around the neighborhood to being busy with new orders and re-orders every weekend.

Their success comes as no surprise once you get a taste of their shrimp pasta. In fact, the bold flavors are so mouthwatering that you’ll immediately want to get a few more orders – another for yourself and some to share. Because good food should never be kept to yourself.

What makes them unique? 

Chef Edwin has worked in the culinary industry for 38 years, including 21 years of combined experience in different Shangri-La Hotel properties, where he climbed his way up to becoming an executive chef. Customers who order from Chef’s Cravings will get a taste of quality dishes made by a professional chef with proven culinary experience delivered right at the comfort of their own homes.

Chef’s Cravings delivers throughout Metro Manila. They also offer meet-ups for nearby locations. Their dishes are best consumed after reheating in a toaster or oven then eaten immediately. Leftovers should be stored in the refrigerator.

They also offer Stir-fried Mussels, Pork Cutlet, Salisbury Steak, and Sauteed Chicken.

1. Our Yellow Kitchen

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This story begins with 3 sisters in a yellow kitchen sharing a midnight snack of pasta nearly every day. They’d always known their family recipe would be a hit, with friends and family continuously requesting their pasta at gatherings. But they never really imagined their love of carbs would grow into what it has.

As the COVID-19 pandemic affected their careers, they decided to gift customers with the privilege of falling in love with carbs too. And trust me — that’s exactly what their dishes will do. Once you get a bite of their pasta you won’t stop until the whole plate is finished. Then you’ll hoard the rest of the pasta before your family gets to it.

What makes them unique? 

Our Yellow Kitchen prioritizes the freshness of their pasta. They cook it on the same day of delivery, select the freshest meats and vegetables from the market, and make all their sauces from scratch. Their best-selling Truffle Mac & Cheese even utilizes homemade cream cheese!

They also offer vegetarian and pescatarian options in the form of their Spinach Marinara and Anchovy Aglio Olio.

They deliver all throughout Metro Manila, including Laguna and Cavite. Their dishes are best consumed within the day but can be stored if refrigerated.

Be good to yourself and treat yourself to a bowl of pasta from any of these kitchens — you deserve it!

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