3 Delicious Healthy Foods You Will Be Happy to Incorporate in Your Diet

I started a diet last month. (Read about my experience here.) Now, I have to get this out there: I love food. In fact, I love food so much, I used to be clinically obese. And in my 30+ years of living, I had never imagined myself ever going on, let alone sticking to, a diet… but for my health, I’m doing it now (or trying to, at least).

The struggle of enjoying my diet is definitely there, I have to admit. So when I stumbled upon these 3 stores that sell healthy food that is still delicious and enjoyable, I felt the need to share them with you. After all, to me, they are heaven sent.

3 Delicious Healthy Foods You Will Be Happy to Incorporate in Your Diet

Healthy Yum PH (@healthyyumph)


Healthy Yum PH is a small family business founded on June 16, 2020. They offer a variety of specialties found in Pangasinan, where their father was born and raised, including Bonuan’s Marinated Boneless Bangus, and Binalonan’s Garlic Longganisa (which now comes in three flavors).

Healthy Yum PH garlic longganisa

Photo from Healthy Yum PH

Healthy Yum PH offers a wide array of ready-to-cook and ready-to-serve food that is delicious yet healthy at the same time because of the ingredients used to make them and because of how the products are processed and prepared. They share that every single one of their products has been tasted by and approved by several locals from Pangasinan, ensuring the utmost quality.

I’ve tasted their offerings and need to say that they are all delicious; though if I was given the choice to just choose one, I’d have to choose their Bangus Shanghai. I snacked on these like there was no tomorrow! So good!

Healthy Yum PH bangus shanghai

Photo from Healthy Yum PH

Healthy Yum PH plans to further expand their menu in the near future, so watch out for that!

Sticky Oats (@thestickyoats)


Want to spice up your breakfast or your snacks? My new favorite choice is Sticky Oats. What came about from a husband’s request for chilled oatmeal eventually became their entire family’s go-to snack. A bit of tweaking in the kitchen resulted in a sweet treat with a crunchy and poppy texture that I simply cannot get enough of. The Classic and Original Sticky Oats are already good as is, but they just released a new variant that I love even more: The Sticky Oats Cacao.

The Sticky Oats Cacao

Photo from The Sticky Oats

Made with rolled oats, chia seeds, coco milk, and cacao nibs; this treat will ensure that you don’t have any crazy cravings for sweets during the day. If you love sticky rice or kakanin, you are sure to love The Sticky Oats. My family and I have been having it for breakfast for weeks now. A tub can feed around 3 people, though I won’t judge you if you finish a whole tub yourself. It’s that good! (Read our full review here.)

Caulibabe (@caulibabe)


If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to rice, Caulibabe is here to the rescue. My trainer had recently replaced rice with kamote in my nutrition plan, and I was a sad, sad human being. When I mentioned Caulibabe’s cauliflower rice, however, he asked for the nutritional facts – which Caulibabe amazingly provides with their products (side by side with the nutritional facts of regular rice, I might add) – and actually agreed to add it to my diet. Success! And it tastes so good, too!

You can basically just treat it like regular rice and come up with all sorts of fun recipes. (For inspiration, check out the ‘Cooking Ideas’ highlights section on their Instagram page to see the different recipes their customers and influencers have come up with.)

Caulibabe 1

Photo from Caulibabe

Caulibabe’s pre-portioned and pre-blanched cauliflower rice was actually made without any intent to start a business. Being confined in social isolation, the founder decided to finally follow a healthy lifestyle and diet. Whilst searching for a low-carb rice alternative, cauliflower rice was her preference. After making some at home and sharing it with her friends and relative, Caulibabe was born.

Cauliflower rice is nutritious and low in calories, and can therefore help with weight loss. It is also a great source of antioxidants. Plus, Caulibabe’s cauliflower rice is pre-blanched so you just have to defrost it and then microwave or pan fry it, and it’s good to go! It even comes pre-portioned (in 100g, 200g, and 500g) for easy defrosting and in case you have a very strict nutrition plan to follow (like me). Ergh. I just love them so much!

Caulibabe 2

Photo from Caulibabe

Caulibabe’s cauliflower rice is also gluten-free, and keto- and vegan-friendly. However, even if you aren’t on a diet, you can definitely enjoy it for its taste and health benefits. Caulibabe delivers anywhere within Metro Manila or anywhere local couriers can cater to. They’ll also be launching other cauliflower products soon, so stay tuned for that!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be torturous. You just need to find delicious healthy food to make sure you stay happy, even while on a diet. 🙂 What are your favorite healthy foods? Please do share them with me! I would love to try them out. 🙂

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