Egg House Opens Its Second Branch in Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Calling all Southies! If you’ve been craving the sweet delights of Tokyo or dreaming about indulgent treats from everyone else’s Japan adventures, your wait is over! Enter Egg House, famed for its fluffy Japanese pancakes and delicious matcha concoctions. This exceptionally sweet café is finally heading south with its second branch in Ayala Malls Manila Bay!

Charming & Chic

Egg House Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Egg House at Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Compared to the branch in SM North Edsa, the new Egg House branch takes on an open concept. Its bright, curved booth invites all passersby to peer into the makings of their sweet treats–and allures them into ordering one for themselves! Enjoy a quick bite amidst a day of shopping, or meet up with loved ones for an afternoon sure to satisfy any dessert craving!

Fluff & Flavor Unlike Any Other

The real star of the show is their Fluffy Japanese Pancakes.If you’ve ever wondered what a cloud might taste like, these might be it! Soft, delicate, and joyfully jiggly, these souffle pancakes are whisked to perfection every time. 

Egg House Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Tiramisu and Triple Dark

Egg House Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Fluffy Clouds Set

What truly sets them apart, however, is their assortment of unique flavors and toppings. From sugary, classic twists like tiramisu and crème brûlée to savory surprises like spam and nori, there’s something mouthwatering for every palate!

A Matcha-Match Made in Heaven

An Egg House experience wouldn’t be complete without snagging a cup from their Ceremonial Matcha Bar. The menu promises an equally as innovative selection as their pancakes, with a range of sweet berry-mix matcha and toasty Hojicha lattes. As the name suggests, every matcha drink is crafted with the finest ceremonial-grade matcha sourced from Uji, Kyoto. Every sip promises a rich and authentic taste, making it the perfect pairing to the sweet souffle pancakes. 

Egg House Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Matcha and Hojicha

Fret not, non-matcha drinkers! Complement your dessert with a refreshing fruit drink or a timeless cup of joe, both of which are just as invigorating.

The cherry on top is just how affordable the menu is, considering its high-quality taste and value! Nothing exceeds P280–meaning it’s bound to become your next go-to spot for an ethereal taste of Japanese sweetness.