When In Manila Administrators

Vince Golangco


Vince Golangco is the Founder & CEO of WhenInManila.com, where he manages writers, photographers, videographers and story tellers. Vince graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a minor in Business. Before starting WhenInManila.com, he already had over 10 years of international experience in marketing, advertising, and creative writing. He served as an Information Systems Technician in the United States Navy, was a Marketing & Development Coordinator at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Senior Media Planner for Bright Box Media, was a radio DJ and TV show host in Manila. Vince is an entrepreneur, restauranteur, surfer, gamer, geek, writer, a US Military Veteran, an AKPsi brother, an adventure seeker and an avid storyteller. Connect with Vince on Twitter/Instagram - @VinceGolangco.
Sky Gavin

Chief Operations Officer / Community Manager

Sky Gavin, wheninmanila.com's all-around girl is a PR practitioner, publicist, events organizer, marketing strategist, painter, podcast host, social worker, writer, photographer and stylist. She lives a busy life in the city on Mondays to Fridays and basks in tranquility at the beach on the weekends. Sky had found her true calling in sports and will never get tired of doing publicity for basketball, volleyball, boxing, football and extreme sports. She has a regular monthly column in the Manila Bulletin Sports Digest and is a stylist for local athletes and celebrities. Connect with her on twitter and intagram @skycapades
Kacy Chua

Business Development Head

Kacy Chua is a candid, light hearted soul whose love for travel, food and entertainment serindipitiously led her to excel as a Marketing and Media Specialist. With over a decade of experience consulting for both prominent brands and start ups, Kacy has developed the discerning taste of knowing what truly drives awareness, conversions and brand love.
Angeline Rodriguez

Managing Editor

Angeline Rodriguez is a geek and a self-proclaimed superhero. She reads. She writes. She loves. You may get to know her better on her personal blog: http://www.lilmisswonderwoman.com
Nicole Villaluz

Associate Editor

Nicole is a young writer and wayfaring soul, fueled by her love for odd cities, cultures, soulful islands, and human connection. Follow her travels on her website The Stillness in Moving and on Facebook facebook.com/thestillnessinmoving.
KC Canlas

Executive Editor

KC Canlas is a content creator in the streets and a meme-lord in the sheets. She is the Executive Editor of WhenInManila.com. If it’s trending, she’s “on it.” When not writing stories, you'll find her creating memes, having fun with puns, or lifting heavy stuff in the gym.
Koji Arsua

Senior Features Writer

Koji Arsua is a minimalist.
Mikaela Zulueta

Senior Features Writer

Mikaela believes that writing, arguing, and telling stories is one of the most important things ordinary people can do. She is constantly learning — discovering perspectives and unearthing new knowledge — and thinks that everyone should be too. She has become the two things her family told her not to be: a teacher and a writer.
Angela Natividad

Features Editor

“Angela is a writer, a voracious reader, and a musician (in her dreams). She graduated with degrees in Philosophy and Creative Writing--a nice way of saying she has a lot to say and more than one way to say it. She is a lover of stories and wants to tell them in any way she can."
Vivien del Valle

Content Creator

Vivien loves discovering new places, dragging friends to said places, and initiating gimmicks--which is a nice way of saying "pasimuno." She's a broken soul that's been saved by grace. A cum laude graduate of Film from UP Diliman, a music enthusiast, and a follower of Jesus. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @viviendelvalle
Gizelle Caoile

Video Producer

Gizelle Caoile tells stories through writing and video. She also believes that nothing is real until it is experienced, and she's about to experience the world. Follow @gizellecaoile on Instagram!
Alex Cruz

Content Creator

Alex is a pop culture enthusiast, binge watcher, music junkie, coffee lover, and a storyteller through videos and photos. She believes in the quote "Poetry is in the streets in full living color" and she's always eager to capture its beauty. Follow @alxcrz.jpg on Instagram!
Sheila Snow

Content Creator

Sheila is the resident model and vlogger of WhenInManila.com. She is a meowmi to 8 kitties and is an animal welfare advocate who believes that all living things should be treated with kindness and compassion. Sheila is also a mental health warrior who wants you to know that you are stronger than you think. Follow her on Instagram at @iamsheilasnow and on check out her channel on YouTube.com/sheilasnow
Diane Nicole Go

Content Creator

Legal Management Graduate, Freelance Writer, Foodie, Aspiring Photographer and GIA Graduate Gemologist. That's just some of the things Diane is. When she's not obsessing over jewelry, she's out and about: busy writing, trying out new restaurants, or learning something new. Check out her Instagram account @iamdianenicole and her food blog @friedandprejudice.
Therese Aseoche

Content Creator

Therese has been a storyteller since she was 8, but she swears she was a fortune-teller in her past life. When she isn't writing, she plays games on her PlayStation, watches beauty vloggers and cooking shows on YouTube, and does tarot readings as a form of therapy. Find her on Instagram: @resereese and @musingsandmagic.
Angelita Merced

Content Creator

Angel is many things at once: storyteller, performer, musician, anime enthusiast, koreaboo, theatre geek, and still longs to be so much more. She’s much more confusing in real life, so check out her Instagram and Twitter instead: @theangelmerced.
Mara Sugue

Content Creator

As a social sciences graduate, Mara believes in writing other people's stories for the world to read. Aside from writing, she also enjoys cooking and listening to music.
Eunice Nobe

Content Creator

Eunick is as unique as her name and as colorful as her hair. You’ll probably see her around the Metro taking photos of anything since photography is her main thing. She also assists in supervising the internship program and creates various digital content for When In Manila. Go ahead and visit her Instagram accounts to see her photos and art: @eunicknobe and @lowresreality
Abelle Joseph Don Barreda

Content Creator

Abe is a self-imposed hikikomori who spends his time on Earth with dogs, video games, and other creative endeavors. He loves movies and philosophy, and often delves doses of dark humor.
Triz Garcia

Content Creator

Triz is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a communications trainer, a voice-over actress, and a former broadcaster. She is a multi-passionate individual. Her stage is her second home. Aside from training, She loves singing and performing on stage. Her passion for communication stems from creating and spreading positivity. You can check her out at www.trizvacreatives.com