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Vince Golangco is the Founder & CEO of, where he manages writers, photographers, videographers and story tellers. Vince graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a minor in Business. Before starting, he already had over 10 years of international experience in marketing, advertising, and creative writing. He served as an Information Systems Technician in the United States Navy, was a Marketing & Development Coordinator at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Senior Media Planner for Bright Box Media, was a radio DJ and TV show host in Manila. Vince is an entrepreneur, restauranteur, surfer, gamer, geek, writer, a US Military Veteran, an AKPsi brother, an adventure seeker and an avid storyteller. Connect with Vince on Twitter/Instagram – @VinceGolangco.


Chief Operations Officer


Wearing all sorts of hats and always doing a balancing act. Content Creator, Marketer, PR, Entrepreneur, and Mommy. 

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Business Development Head


Kacy Chua is a candid, light hearted soul whose love for travel, food and entertainment serindipitiously led her to excel as a Marketing and Media Specialist. With over a decade of experience consulting for both prominent brands and start ups, Kacy has developed the discerning taste of knowing what truly drives awareness, conversions and brand love.

Angeline Rodriguez

Vice President of Operations


Angeline Rodriguez is a geek, single mom, voice artist, tarot card reader, social media manager, influencer marketer, certified raketeer, ARMY, KDrama addict, and beer pong player. She speaks seven languages (eight if you count Elvish) and has lived all around the world as an Ambassador’s daughter. She has been writing professionally since she was 15 years old and can’t imagine doing anything else as a profession… except maybe watching Netflix and reading books. Connect with her everywhere else at @lilmisswonderwoman

Nicole Villaluz

Managing Editor


Nicole Villaluz is a writer and editor with over 10 years of experience. But creative writing and travel writing will always be her first loves. Followed closely by tiramisu. Yes, the dessert. Connect with her on Instagram at @nicvillaluz for the occasional dose of prose, poetry, and adventures.

Koji Arsua

Account Manager


Koji is a writer and reader.

Vivien del Valle Borres

Senior Features Editor


Vivien loves trying out new stuff, discovering new places, and dragging friends to said places—which is a nice way of saying “pasimuno.” She’s a broken soul that’s been saved by grace; a film graduate from UP Diliman, a music enthusiast, a musician’s wife, and a follower of Jesus.

Gizelle Caoile

Senior Content Creator


Gizelle Caoile tells stories through writing and video.

Therese Aseoche

Head of Entertainment


Therese has been a storyteller since she was 8, but she swears she was a fortune-teller in her past life. When she isn’t writing, she plays games on her PC, watches Formula 1, reads mountains of books, and writes creative short fiction as a form of therapy. Find her on Instagram @resereese and Tiktok @reseaseo.

Nikki Viola

Sports Editor


Nikki Viola is a TV and events host, sports correspondent and PBA courtside reporter who’s a self-confessed BTS Army, and a proud single mom who wants to marry Kim Seokjin one day. 

Daniella Roi 1

Video Content Creator


Daniella Roi is a social media influencer and content creator. Before becoming an influencer, she was first a graphic artist, photographer, and video editor. A graduate of Multimedia Arts from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Daniella considers WheninManila her creative playground as she explores more of her craft. Get to know more about Daniella on Instagram and Tiktok – @daniella.roi.

Len Chu

Len Chu
Sales Officer


Len Chu’s love for travel and eye for photography is what fills her soul and signifies her taste in culture and the arts. Her career in media planning for X years, and businesses in luxury leather restoration and personalized stickers put her in a unique position in that she understands the integration of media, marketing, and product. Bringing together creativity and know-how allows Len to provide solutions that are not only inventive, but meaningful as well.