New Hope Club Opens Their Love Again Tour in Manila

New Hope Club made sure that their fourth visit to Manila was unlike any other. Arriving at night on June 5, the three-piece band whose members are Blake Richardson, George Smith, and X-Factor UK alum Reece Bibby had a lot in store for fans prior to their scheduled concert at the New Frontier Theatre two […]

LOOK: These Mismatched Sneakers are Perfect KOTD When You Watch Toy Story 4

Who says toys are only for kids? It seems like there’s a new collection that sneakerheads can play with. Just recently, a famous shoe brand released sneakers that are Toy Story-inspired. Just in time for the showing of Toy Story 4 in cinemas! What’s unique about this collaboration is that it features a mismatched pair. […]

Happy and Satisfied Users Express Confidence in Huawei’s Strength as a Brand

It sure is great to know that fellow Huawei loyalists are finally speaking up and expressing support for the brand. Despite all the issues that Huawei is facing at the moment, Huawei is still going strong and continues to grow with this super simple reason –  they make damn exemplary devices that cater to what people […]

Julia Montes and Eddie Garcia

Julia Montes Breaks Social Media Silence to Pay Tribute to Late Eddie Garcia

Julia Montes has returned to Instagram after a long break once again to post a tribute to the late Eddie Garcia, a few days after his death. Julia, who has steered clear from the limelight amid rumors of her childbirth, posted a photo of her together with the late actor at an event they both […]

This Bracelet Shocks You When You Eat Unhealthy Food, Smoke, or Oversleep

You may want to think again before putting that donut in your mouth or lighting another cigarette with this bracelet that can help you break your bad habits. (It’s available online!) The Pavlok will give you a 350-volt electric shock every time you step out of line – may it be oversleeping, nail biting, smoking, […]

Here’s how you can win 1 out of 6 Fortuner cars when you go shopping

Owning a house or a car is a dream for many Filipinos. By having one or both, they won’t have to worry about rent or commute, which gets more expensive as time goes by. But alas, it’s pricey to purchase even just one, so many save for many years just to achieve this dream. We […]