LOOK: There’s a doggo beer for your good boi

If you can have it delivered here, you can now have drinking sessions with your furry best friend. Good Boy Dog Beer is a non-alcoholic dog beer crafted by Megan and Steve Long. According to their site, Good Boy Dog Beer is: An all-natural brew just for dogs! Each can contains 12oz of different fresh ingredients […]

Visa-free entry to Taiwan for Filipino travelers might be extended until 2020

Visa-free entry to Taiwan for Filipino travelers is still under deliberation but it might be extended until 2020. In a statement, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has conducted an assessment of the program’s effectiveness along with other departments and submitted it to the executive branch of the government. Apparently, the visa-free entry of Filipinos to Taiwan […]

How I Pursued My Passions with One Gadget

Words by Cathlyn Botor | Photos by Michelle Neri I’m the type of person who loves to go on adventures, hang out with friends, try something different, and meet new people. Despite my busy schedule, I always make sure that I keep myself updated with the latest trends. I’ve always wanted to do everything all […]

Bring Me to Life: Evanescence may come out with new album in 2020

It has been almost a decade since Evanescence has come out with new material. Now, fans might not be waiting a long time to hear new music from the band. Amy Lee talked about band on an interview with Sirius XM’s Grant Random at Epicenter Festival that happened last May. “This is sort of a […]

Cool and Minimalist Gift Ideas Under P300 for 10 Types of Dads!

Words by Cody Bundoc Are you looking for gifts that won’t destroy your wallet for your Dad’s birthday? Father’s Day? Christmas? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether your dad is a foodie or a movie buff,  I’ve got you covered. I listed 10 gifts for 10 different types of dads; and the best […]

Here’s how you can win 1 out of 6 Fortuner cars when you go shopping

Owning a house or a car is a dream for many Filipinos. By having one or both, they won’t have to worry about rent or commute, which gets more expensive as time goes by. But alas, it’s pricey to purchase even just one, so many save for many years just to achieve this dream. We […]