5 Things Only Chocolate Lovers Would Understand

Words by Joseph Cesar Usually, chocolate is a treat given to children when they’ve done something good–finished homework, helped with chores, got a good grade, what have you. Another reason why chocolate would be given out is it’s the holiday season and you have no idea what to get your boss, friend, family, or significant other. […]

Nando Barbershop Afro-American Barbershop Philippines

Take a Look Inside Nando, an Afro-American Barbershop in Makati

Words by Joseph Cesar Photos by Blew David Describing a modern barbershop is only getting more and more difficult over the course of the years as it continues to evolve. Once in a while, people add unique elements to their barbershop to set it apart from others. Some can be as simple as selling vinyl records and […]

Inside Animation: 8 Things You Might Not Know about the Philippine Animation Industry

Animation is a pretty big industry in the Philippines. Most of the people we know who graduated from Fine Arts end up in an advertising agency or an animation office. Though the BPO industry mostly deals with voice accounts or “call centers”, the outsourcing business also extends to animation. We interviewed some artists and came […]

LOOK: We Got to Meet Dante Basco, Osric Chau, Yoshi Sudarso, and Desmond Chiam

The celebrities and fans at the DC Super Heroes Cafe DC Super Heroes Cafe at SM Megamall was invaded by international actors Dante Basco (Hook, Avatar), Osric Chau (Supernatural), Yoshi Sudarso (Power Rangers Dino Charge), and Desmond Chiam (The Shannara Chronicles). The actors had a small meet & greet session at the DC Super Heroes […]

podcasts - Smartphone with ear phones

Need To Stay Focused? These 5 Apps May Help You Stay Productive

Article by  Camille Geguera Are you one of those who gets distracted easily with your phone while doing work? Can’t seem to stop checking your Facebook wall and refreshing your timeline? Well, we’ve all been guilty of procrastinating. So if you need a little help in the productivity department, here are five apps that may […]

What is Paydro Live and Why are Filipinos Buzzing About It?

Remember when you and your friends would meet up to play games at an arcade, a computer shop, or even at a friend’s house? Hanging out and bonding through games or even watching a movie in your parents’ old DVD set was already an exciting way to spend the day. That’s exactly what Paydro brings […]