LOOK: You Gotta Try these Japanese-Inspired Liege Belgian Waffles!

Words by Kelly Punzalan Photos by Lorraine Giron In the waffles vs. pancakes debate, waffles are definitely the winner for me. Even Eleven from Stranger Things agrees. If you’re still not convinced that waffles are the superior breakfast food, wait ’til you’ve tried the ones from Waffle Press. They come in a cute white and baby pink packaging, […]

PrimaSkin Beauty Lounge: Make the Most of Your Pamper Day

It always feels as if weekends are not enough. There are so many things we want to spend our weekends or day-offs on like traveling or hanging out with friends. At the same time, we also want to take a break from work and household chores, and just relax and pamper ourselves if even just […]

Here’s Why ‘Coffee Naps’ Are The Best Way to Maximize Productivity

Words by Micah Avry Guiao To have coffee and naps appear in the same sentence might sound counterintuitive, even oxymoronic, but scientists would like us to consider otherwise. As students (or professionals), we are constantly bombarded with a heavy workload. All-nighters are especially common in today’s university culture, as well as downing several cups of […]

‘Sky Castle’ Stars Kim Bo-ra and Jo Byung-gu Confirm They’re Dating!

Korean actors Kim Bo-ra and Jo Byung-gu have just confirmed they’re dating! After working together on the Korean drama ‘Sky Castle’, Korean media outlets had spotted the two going on late-night dates together. Although they denied the dating rumors in the beginning, their agencies have now revealed that they are actually in a real relationship. […]

Huawei Consumer Business Group Announces the arrival of the much-awaited P30 Flagship Series in Paris on March 26th

Officially today, Huawei Consumer Business Group announced in its official Facebook account that the global launch of the high-end flagship smartphone series, P30, would take place in Paris, France on March 26th. Throughout the years, the Huawei P Series has established its name on professional photography and design. Through the collaboration with Leica, Huawei endeavors […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Design Your Life Planner This 2019

Aside from the fact that you don’t want to get overcaffeinated collecting stickers for a free planner, you deserve a planner that can organize your spontaneous life this 2019 and help you with adulting without getting bored in the middle of the year. This planner might help. C&S Design heeds the call of creating a […]