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This fried chicken pillow is what dreams are made of (and it has ASMR sizzling, too)

Let the soothing sounds of sizzling chicken put you to sleep If food is all you think about—day or night—then we bet you’ll love this fried chicken pillow! A real treat for fried chicken fans, the “Mocchiri Juicy Karaage Cushion” or Springy Juicy Fried Chicken Cushion was created by Japanese brand Felissimo. And yes, it […]

Cariz Shop Turns Pressed Flowers into Stunning Statement Pieces

I have never been a fan of flowers because I always thought that they would eventually die anyway, so what’s the point? However, after seeing what Cariz Shop can create with pressed flowers, my perception of them has changed completely. Cariz Shop is owned by Rica and Rizza, who combined their names to come up […]

’Tis The Time To Level Up Your Christmas Celebrations At SM

This year may have been imperfect, but that is all the more reason to level up your Christmas celebrations as you reconnect with your loved ones to celebrate life and holiday cheer. As we usher in the holidays, SM Supermalls will continue to be a part of every family’s holiday celebrations as the country bounces […]

Why We Love Lily Collins’ Character in ‘Emily in Paris’

‘Emily in Paris’. You either love the show or you hate it. I’m one of the people who really enjoyed watching it. In fact, I loved it so much, I binge-watched it in a single mornight. I do, however, know some people who hated it. For me, though, ‘Emily in Paris’ proved to be a […]

Huawei to Unleash New Y Series Smartphone that Radiates Youthful Energy with Brand Refresh

As a generation who intuitively grasps the trendy and viral elements of life online, gen Z has had an active influence in shaping the very environment in which they thrive. Through social media and its various offshoots, young people have learned to harness their innate creativity to share it with a 24/7 audience, empowered by […]

Hawkins’ Halloween: Penbrothers’ First Virtual Halloween Party

Ready your tricks and treats because Halloween is here! Every year at Penbrothers, we plan Halloween parties or games that help hype up the Halloween season in the office. Since we are all encouraged to work from home, it does not mean we can’t have fun. This coming October 28, 2020 from 6 PM to 8 […]