A Huge Forest Fire is Currently Raging in Cordillera Mountains, Benguet

A forest fire is currently raging in the Cordillera mountains since Wednesday afternoon, February 19, which has already destroyed at least 20 hectares of pine trees. Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash | Note: Not taken during the Benguet forest fire According to PhilStar, three firetrucks from the Tublay Bureau of Fire Protection and La Trinidad fire station […]

Competitive Sport Kyogi Karuta from Otsu is Making Its Mark

Otsu City considers karuta to be an important attraction for increasing tourism, and held a ‘Kyogi Karuta Trial Lesson’ for international students on Sunday, February 16th at Omi-jingū Shrine’s Omi Kangakukan. Otsu has hosted the “Competitive Karuta World Tournament” twice for the past two years, and believes that an increase in international karuta players will […]

These themed rooms can help spice up your romantic staycation

As Valentine’s Day draws near, romance starts to fill the air around us. If you and your partner don’t have plans leaving the metro, and you just want to cozy up and have a staycation, these themed rooms can do the trick in spicing up your romantic getaway. Head to any of these after you […]

‘Parasite’ Accused of Allegedly Plagiarizing a 1999 Indian Indie Film

It seems that the celebration surrounding the momentous win of South Korean film Parasite in the recent Academy Awards is being put on hold after an Indian filmmaker has accused Bong Joon Ho of plagiarism. P.L. Thenappan, who is the producer of the 1999 romantic comedy titled Minsara Kanna, claims that director Bong lifted the plot of […]

LOOK: Super Rare ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ Exists, and Here’s Where You Can Buy It

Yup, it’s real. A gaming console created by both Nintendo and Sony PlayStation exists and is available for you to buy online. Fair warning though… the price will shock you! It was back in the 90s when Nintendo and Sony sought to create the ultimate console mashup originally called the Super NES CD-ROM System. According […]

Here’s how you can win 1 out of 6 Fortuner cars when you go shopping

Owning a house or a car is a dream for many Filipinos. By having one or both, they won’t have to worry about rent or commute, which gets more expensive as time goes by. But alas, it’s pricey to purchase even just one, so many save for many years just to achieve this dream. We […]