Alpha Sports: 5 Fun Reasons You Need to Try Korean Screen Golf

Let’s face it: hitting the links with friends is awesome but sometimes, life gets in the way. Work deadlines loom, the kids need you, or maybe it’s raining and tee time becomes just a distant dream.

Well, fret no more, fellow golf enthusiasts, curious newbies, and even KDrama lovers because Alpha Sports is now open in Alabang and it’s a game-changer!

Alpha Sports Korean Screen Golf

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

What is Alpha Sports?

Alpha Sports uses a “Friends Screen” indoor golf system – yes, just like the ones you see in KDramas – so you can play digital golf with your friends indoors, and with food and alcohol on the side if you’re up for it.

Carlos Quimbo and his partner started Alpha Sports for their love of the game and the experience of golfing with friends. His partner actually stumbled upon this golf system on a trip to Korea.

“My partner was so hooked, he almost missed his meetings trying it out every single day,” Carlos shares. “When he returned to the Philippines, he went straight to my house to tell me about his experience and couldn’t contain his excitement.”

Turns out, these machines were made by Korean tech giant Kakao (basically the WhatsApp of Korea). After extensive research and realizing how far ahead Korean tech is compared to typical simulators they were used to, “We had the gut feeling that if we brought Friends to Alabang, it would be well received,” Carlos explains.

Alpha Sports Korean Screen Golf

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Why You’ll Love Alpha Sports

You can squeeze in a session anytime.

Between work, family, and the current competitive golf scene in Manila, squeezing in a full 18 holes can feel impossible since it can take a whole day – and Carlos attests to that. Plus, who wants to deal with bad weather, reserving tee times, or those awkward stray balls? Alpha Sports is less of a time commitment than outdoor golf and is easily accessible to boot.

It’s beginner-friendly.

If you’ve been wanting to try golf but have been intimidated by your friends’ expert levels, the amount of people at the range, or the vast size of a golf range in general; Alpha Sports is perfect for you. Anyone interested in golf, from complete beginners to seasoned veterans of any age, can visit and enjoy the sport – rain or shine! It’s right-hand- and left-hand-friendly too.

It can help you improve.

If you think that screen golf is nothing like regular golf, think again. Screen golf actually complements real golf very well. Plus, Alpha Sports isn’t just about hitting virtual balls. The data you get from the simulator can actually help you improve your swing so you can get better over time. It’s like having a personal golf coach minus the awkward laughter and high-fives.

It’s a great bonding activity.

Carlos and his partner saw an opportunity to build a facility where people can bond while having fun and getting active, and they have definitely succeeded. Think of it as an activity center where everyone can get active and have a laugh (hopefully not at your terrible putting skills).

It can help you unwind.

If destressing is on the menu, Alpha Sports has got you covered. They have a full-service bar and restaurant area that serves delicious food from traditional bar eats to yummy Korean food.

And for those “important” calls that just can’t wait, they even have an office-themed phone booth for ultimate privacy “to accommodate those pesky Facetime calls from your significant other who interfere with your game” (Carlos’ words, not ours :p).

Alpha Sports Korean Screen Golf

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

While golf simulators have been around for a while, Alpha Sports is on another level. It’s so realistic, it’s practically like you’re on a golf course (sans the sunburn). “The Friends machines are incredible,” Carlos beams.

“There’s no waiting for the sensors to read the ball, the floors move… it is an unbelievable user experience. Pictures and videos on social media can never do it justice. In fact, everyone who has visited has been so genuinely surprised, they almost always come back afterward.”

Carlos truly believes that Alpha Sports is something special for the Alabang community. “Maybe one day, we’ll even see a future PGA champion who got their start with us,” he beams. “How cool would that be?”

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, family, or even your boss (work retreat, anyone?), and tee off at Alpha Sports! We guarantee an unforgettable golfing experience.

Alpha Sports



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