7 Fun Workouts in Manila to Spice Up Your Fitness Routine

Not a fan of the gym? Running not your thing? Fortunately, more fun workouts are scattered all over Manila’s fitness scene right now. If you’re tired of the same old routine, here are some ways you can break a sweat while enjoying yourself at the same time.

7 Fun Workouts in Manila to Spice Up Your Fitness Routine

Embrace the Elements With Padel

Manila Padel Club combines the fast-paced fun of padel tennis with a state-of-the-art outdoor gym. Get your daily dose of vitamin D while enjoying a unique and social workout experience. Check out our experience here:

@wheninmanila We had an amazing time trying out Padel for the first time! It’s such a fun sport that combines elements of tennis and squash, but is much easier to pick up. @Manila Padel Club is also a great spot to check out, as they offer not just Padel courts, but also an outdoor gym, a cozy café, and a bar to enjoy 🍷 #manilapadelclub ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Take It Up a Notch With EMS

Love the gym but don’t find it challenging enough? Try Next Gen Fitness. Next Gen Fitness offers EMS workouts so you can achieve more in less time. It uses electrical impulses that stimulate the muscles through a special suit and they claim that one 20-minute workout can burn up to 1,600 calories.

@wheninmanila Can you believe you can have 3 hours’ worth of gym time in just 20 minutes?! 😱 Try EMS workout at @nextgen_fitness_ph ♬ original sound – WhenInManila.com

Find Your Groove on the Pole

If you thought pole dancing was just for exotic dancers, it’s time to get rid of that mentality. Pole dancing actually provides a full-body workout that will tone your muscles and make you feel more confident with every class. A lot of the time, pole dancing studios also offer exotic dance classes where you wear high heels (we’re talking six inches and up!) and dance around a pole, with a chair, or on the floor.

The best part is that there are so many studios all over the Metro now that offer this fun and empowering way to build strength, flexibility, and confidence such as Polecats, Aphrobabe, Chrome Divas, and Beast House, so you are sure to find one near you.

(Almost) Take to the Skies With Aerial Arts

Aerial Hoops Chrome Divas

On that note, pole dancing studios usually also offer other forms of aerial arts classes such as aerial hoops and aerial yoga. These classes offer a unique combination of flexibility, strength, and coordination training, all while in mid-air. It’s the closest you can get to flying on a regular basis.

Unleash Your Inner Climber Through Wall Climbing

Scale new heights (literally!) at wall climbing studios like Climb Central and Power Up. These wall climbing gyms offer routes for all skill levels so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have any experience with climbing yet. Wall climbing is both challenging and rewarding as well, and it can help you build both muscle and endurance with each session. For inspiration, check out Eala Nolasco’s Instagram videos:

Dance Your Way to the (K)Top

If you love KPop but can’t seem to keep up with YouTube tutorials or have trouble understanding how certain steps work, there are various dance studios around the Metro that also offer classes for beginners such as Kidlat Dance Studio, Sky Dance Avenue MNL, Zero Studio PH, Addlib Dance Studio, and 808 Dance Studio.

Challenge Yourself With an Obstacle Course

okada manila thrillscape

Hands-down one of the most fun places to go to right now is Thrillscape in Okada. Designed as the ultimate destination for adventure seekers, Thrillscape offers an unparalleled experience with its 32 exciting high-energy obstacles that are challenging and fun. It’s the perfect place to bond with your barkada, family members, or even workmates.

Remember: Don’t forget to check for appropriate attire and any experience-level requirements before you head to your chosen workout venue. Most offer introductory classes or packages though, so you can try something new without a huge commitment.

What are you waiting for? Take this as a sign to step away from the treadmill and experience a whole new level of fun and fitness in Manila.

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