Aerial Hoops Class at Chrome Divas: How It Inspired Me to Become a Better Person

Written by Roselleni Calina / Photos by Franchesca Collantes

I can’t remember when it started, but I’ve been looking up aerial hoops classes for so long that I planned on saving up from my student allowance. Alas, food always comes first. I’ve always wanted to take up aerial hoops class to the point that I would even procrastinate from school assignments just to look up the nearest studio and their rates.

So, when I was given the opportunity to take up a beginner’s aerial class, I was so ecstatic! When the time came, though, I started to have my doubts. What if I’m not fit enough for this kind of workout? I’ve never signed up for a gym and I haven’t been vigorously exercising for a long time. All those doubts vanished when I visited Chrome Divas’ branch at HIT Arena, Shaw.


Chrome Divas’ aerial instructor Emerald Ridao


Emerald teaching our WIMtern the first trick, the Delilah


WIM’s COO Sky Gavin doing a Delilah variation

When I met the instructor, Emerald Ridao, she confidently waved off my doubts by answering my questions. I learned that you do not have to be physically fit to start an aerial hoops class. Even if you’re someone who’s been into ballet for a long time or someone who’s been going to the gym regularly, you’re still going to start from zero because aerial sports forces you to use certain muscles that you thought you didn’t have.


Sky doing a stag seat


My Man on the Moon


The Sexy Secretary

I see that to be true. Just from finishing the warm up session, I was flushed and exhausted, how much more when we got to the actually poses?

The back of my hands were starting to hurt as we were getting into the second pose. I did not expect the surface of the hoop to be that rough. I was given a tip to bring gloves if it becomes unbearable next time; but wearing gloves can limit your hands’ movements, so it is best to just smile through the pain and soldier on.


WIM’s Managing Editor Angeline Rodriguez does Aerial Hoops on a regular basis


With Chrome Puppy, Bucky

I’ve gained important lessons from attending the aerial hoops class:

1) Keep going; don’t give up easily. Even when it hurts like hell, the blisters and bruises will be worth it. You won’t even feel the pain as much anymore.

2) I seriously need to get back in shape. The fact that I got easily exhausted from warming up, that I couldn’t lift myself up on the hoop hands-free, and that my foot was cramping while doing a pose, was pretty alarming to me. It was a wakeup call for me to start planking and start eating healthier.


The WIM Team at Chrome Divas, HIT Arena

It was truly inspiring to watch someone more advanced sway so gracefully on the hoop, even with an adorable puppy on their lap as they do the Sexy Secretary pose. Knowing that they somehow started in the same place I am at now and yet became the person that they are today and someone I aspire to be in the future, motivated me to become a more confident, more determined version of myself.

Chrome Divas’ home branch is located at BF Homes, Paranaque.

Chrome Divas at HIT Arena, Shaw

Chrome Divas, HIT Arena, Gatorade Hoops Center, Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas

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