Thailand’s Famous Greyhound Cafe is Now in the Philippines
Thailand’s Well-Loved Dermo-Cosmetic Skincare Brand, Oxecure, is now in the Philippines
Miss Universe 2018 Grand Coronation will be held at Bangkok, Thailand
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Song Kang in Manila: Fun Meet Highlights

Korean actor Song Kang delighted Filipino fans on March 5, 2023, at the Araneta Coliseum during the Fun Meet presented by Deoproce Philippines. Hosted by Sam Oh, fans were treated to a thrilling program that started with performances by P-pop groups G22 and VXON. Two rounds of games were also done before the K-drama star […]

Popular Thai Series on Netflix, 2gether The Series

5 Netflix TV Shows to Watch That Will Make You Fall in Love With Thailand

Who says you have to go to a place first before you can appreciate it? Thanks to Netflix, watching a series can easily transport us to places we’ve never been before. It will allow us to see beautiful sights, give a better understanding of another language and culture, and much more. If you are interested […]

LOOK: This Milk Storage Bag Has Temperature Indicator

Breastfeeding can be challenging sometimes but with the right tools, it can be easier. When I was breastfeeding, I made it a point to store some of my expressed breast milk so my partner can take care of our baby when I have to go to work or run errands. In a few weeks, I […]

APAC Countries Equipped To Understand HIV Epidemics For Better AIDS Responses

Joint United Nations Programme Hosted Workshop on HIV/AIDS for Asia Pacific Countries

Asia Pacific countries are known for their beautiful spots and innate qualities that radiate everywhere. The Philippines alone boasts initiatives for the economic state and social responsibility like better AIDS responses. In fact, according to United Nations AIDS or UNAIDS Asia Pacific, twenty-two countries in Asia and the Pacific countries received training and support to […]

Pancit Palabok

Kalamansi Kafe: A Taste of the Philippines in Bangkok

The moment you enter the restaurant, the modern interior with cultural touches will instantly draw you in. As you’re seated at your table with a smile by the friendly staff, you will immediately think, “So, this is Filipino hospitality.” Welcome to Kalamansi Kafe. Among the roster of establishments located in Suan Phlu, a lovely neighborhood […]

LOOK: You Can Enjoy an Afternoon Tea Buffet With a Painting Workshop at This Beautiful Bangkok Hotel

LOOK: You Can Enjoy an Afternoon Tea Buffet With a Painting Workshop at This Beautiful Bangkok Hotel

Time for some afternoon creativi-tea with Hotel Indigo Bangkok’s ART-TEA Time Workshop! Every third Saturday of the month starting May 20, 2023, you can join a canvas painting workshop at all-day dining destination Metro On Wireless. The workshop is accompanied by a mouth-watering Thai afternoon tea mini buffet. The painting workshop is led by experts and […]