LOOK: DEFTAC Laguna – Brazilian Jiujitsu Team Bags Multiple Medals in Thailand

Philippines’ Brazilian Jiujitsu is a powerhouse – DEFTAC Laguna, a private group bags 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals at the recently concluded AJP Tour in Bangkok, Thailand.

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With the popularity of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) in the Philippines on the rise and the fitness industry getting its traction on post-pandemic, why not try BJJ for fitness and, at the same time, learn self-defense? “I believe that it is super important to be able to defend yourself, especially with attackers that are way bigger than you,” says Sophia Tuason, who won Gold under the ladies
49KG match against Singapore.

Although there has been a 49.2% decrease in crime within Metro Manila, there is always danger out there. With over 150 reports of theft, violence, and domestic violence reported last year, one would wonder, how many are unreported?

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So, why not get fit and at the same time, learn to defend yourself? Who knows? You might even surprise yourself by excelling and representing your country on a world stage. BJJ has become increasingly popular worldwide due to its effectiveness in mixed martial arts competitions, as well as its practical applications in self-defense situations. It is also known for its emphasis on technique and leverage, which allows practitioners to overcome larger and stronger opponents through a skillful execution of techniques.

Deftac Laguna is led by Professor BJ Ng, who is a 1st-degree black belt under Professor Alvin Aguilar, a 4th-degree black belt and founder of Deftac Philippines. Professor BJ Ng is a highly respected instructor and competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been instrumental in pioneering the art in Laguna, Philippines. He is known for his technical expertise, dedication to his students, and his contributions to the growth of martial arts in the Philippines.

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“Learning BJJ has saved me from going nuts during the pandemic,” says Aldrin Enrile, who is a full-time corporate head but manages to train 5 x a week. He along with his peers encourages Filipinos to get fit and try BJJ. DEFTAC Laguna, being one of DEFTAC’s forces in the industry is one of the many dojos spread out across the country is open to educating and turning Filipinos into world champions. DEFTAC schools are open to experienced and individuals with no experience in any kind of martial arts. If you are willing to learn to defend yourself and get fit, you will be able to find one closest to your home.