LOOK: This Milk Storage Bag Has Temperature Indicator

Breastfeeding can be challenging sometimes but with the right tools, it can be easier.

When I was breastfeeding, I made it a point to store some of my expressed breast milk so my partner can take care of our baby when I have to go to work or run errands. In a few weeks, I was able to build our milk stash. The next thing that I needed to learn is how to thaw the milk and make sure that my baby can consume the milk at an optimal temperature. Luckily, I found Bippy Baby.

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Bippy is a baby brand from Thailand that offers smart breastmilk storage bags and other breastfeeding essentials.

Bippy’s Smart Breastmilk Bags come in either 150ml or 270ml sizes. Though the bags come in cute raccoon designs, it has visible areas so you can see the inside.

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Each bag is pre-sterilized so you can use it immediately out of the box. The bag is made from PETE+PE+special film thickness 100 microns freeze safe even -20 c. You also don’t have to worry about holes in the bag because of its three-layer material. It also has a double zipper seal to make sure no milk will be spilled or wasted.

There is also a space where you can put a name, date, time, and measurement of the expressed milk. This makes sure you can practice a first-in and first-out system for your stored milk.

Compared to other breastmilk bags that I used, the air inside the bags is easier to remove and store in the freezer.

The best feature of these bags is the temperature indicator sensor. When you thaw the milk, it will tell if the milk is too hot, too cold, or just right for your baby. The eye area of the raccoon is white if the milk is too hot, purple if too cold, and light blue if it’s ready to be consumed.

Bippy also has saver milk bags which are perfect for those who need to store more milk. They are made of food-grade materials and are more affordable.

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They also have Mommy Booster pads. These are used to relieve breast pain due to engorgement and etc.

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The mommy booster pads can be used cold which is perfect for sore nipples and engorgement. It can also be used warm to aid in milk let down and relieve plugged ducts.

You can order their products on Instagram or through Shopee.

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