Instagram Threads: What We Know So Far

So…Threads happened. Instagram rolled out its version of Twitter, and users are already addicted to it.

We are deep into it now, too! That’s why we’re sharing what we know so far about this new platform by Instagram.

What is Threads?

Introducing, Threads.

Introducing, Threads.

Threads is a social media platform created by Instagram. Its purpose is to allow users to share content with MORE text. According to Tech Crunch, in just two hours, there were already 2 million users who downloaded it.

Think of it as a community forum where you’re free to share your thoughts and get information fast. No editing of photos needed, no Reels to create—just quick and easy texts. You can add photos and videos, of course, but that’s beside the point if you want to get details ASAP!

Let’s learn our terms now, shall we? 

You call posts on this app a “Thread.” According to the developers, you still call the content you put there as “posts” and you are “posting” as you do it (although, a lot of users prefer to say “threads” and “threading”). The same way you are reposting and quoting posts.

It’s the same as Twitter in a way that…

  1. You can see the likes per post (so long as their account is public)
  2. You can see replies per post (so long as their account is public)
  3. You can repost and quote Threads
It's almost the same as Twitter!

It’s almost the same as Twitter!

There are things we found out as we were playing with Threads:

  1. Hashtags are non-existent #sad
  2. People can’t see what you like, but they can see Threads you replied to
  3. You will see Threads from people your followers or following might know— algorithm stuff
  4. There’s no option to add another Threads account at the moment
  5. There is a character limit of 500
  6. You can add up to 10 media per post (can be a mix of photos and videos)
  7. You can save images on Threads (not videos)
  8. You can share and cross-post Threads on Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  9. No DM feature yet
  10. No ads on the feed yet (ever hopefully)

It’s all fun and games at the moment. Let’s see what developments will occur later on! Are you (th)ready?

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