Meinas: This Professional Scalp Treatment Center Will Give Your Scalp Extra TLC

When thinking about hair care, we rarely consider giving the same care and attention to the scalp. It’s usually overlooked, but it’s just as important for us to care for our scalps as much as we care for our crowning glory—especially since most hair problems start from the scalp. So, on your next self-care day, why not schedule a visit to Meinas to give your scalp some extra TLC?

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Meinas is a scalp treatment center first established in Malaysia in 1993. They’ve been in the Philippines for years already, but they’re in the process of expanding soon. You just might find a new Meinas location near your home!

This scalp treatment center boasts herbal scalp solutions formulated in the United States. Their treatments help address common scalp issues such as hair loss, dandruff, bacteria, oily and dry scalp, and alopecia.

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We visited Meinas to try out their 7 Steps Professional Scalp Caring Treatment; also marking our first time ever to try any kind of scalp treatment. Here’s a quick rundown of our experience at Meinas.

The Meinas 7 Steps Professional Scalp Caring Treatment Experience

Our visit to Meinas started with a quick scalp consultation, a complimentary service included with every scalp treatment. This consultation helped us see our scalp up close and allowed us to determine the main problems we had that were also causing our hair problems. Of course, the common scalp conditions include dandruff, oily scalp, or hair loss.

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I really appreciated the scalp consultation because it also allowed me to understand the underlying causes of my scalp problems (it was chemical buildup, in case you were wondering). It also gave me an idea of how to care for my scalp and maintain its health.

After the enlightening scalp consultation, we moved to the first of seven steps: a relaxing scalp massage that involves using the wooden health comb (signature of Meinas) which is said to help in fortifying the roots for healthier, stronger hair.

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The second step is scalp simulation where a natural concoction of seamud is applied straight to the scalp. It’s said to contain 26 types of minerals that help clean the scalp and eliminate bacteria.

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It was quite a refreshing feeling for me to have seamud applied to my scalp instead of burning bleach this time. It’s safe to say that by the second step, I was already feeling completely relaxed and my scalp already felt extra pampered.

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Next was oxygen regeneration or oxygen therapy where we had to wear some kind of headset-looking device that generates activated pressurized oxygen, infusing the scalp with a refreshing boost. It was a 15-minute segment that allowed us to chill and savor the oxygen therapy.

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Then, it was time for another round of deep cleansing with Meinas’ Herb Scalp Cleanser for scalp purification, and Meinas’ Herb Botanical Cleanser for scalp nourishment. These treatments were probably my favorite parts because they involved massaging the cleansers into the scalp as much as possible—and I always love a good massage. It was one of the most relaxing parts of the experience for me.

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And after the cleansing and rinsing, it was time for the last two steps of the scalp treatment: the Botanical Herb Tonic Infusion, and the Scalp Activation. These involve the Meinas Herb Tonic which helps address itching, hair fall, dandruff, and other scalp concerns. This tonic is infused and activated on the scalp using the Meinas Oxy-Life machine.

It felt like having cold mist being constantly sprayed onto my scalp, and it felt amazing! The tonic was also cold and minty on the scalp, making it perfect for the summer season.

Scalp care treatment results

We went back to the scalp consultation room to check back on our scalps after the whole 7-step treatment. We were delightfully surprised to see instant results!

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Compared to the “before” photos of our scalp, our post-treatment scalps looked cleaner and a lot better. It looked one step closer to a healthy scalp!

It’s also interesting to note that the Meinas 7 Steps Professional Scalp Caring Treatment is an all-in-one treatment for all kinds of scalp problems. So, whether you have oily or dry scalp, battling dandruff or hair loss, or you just need to rejuvenate your scalp, this 7-step treatment will work for you.

Their treatments are also safe, mild, and suitable for all ages, making it a great date idea for you and your kids.

All-in-one scalp care center

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Aside from Meinas’ signature 7 Steps Professional Scalp Caring Treatment (PHP 2,888), they also offer other treatments for specific needs starting at PHP 1,499. They even offer a sulfate-free and organic hair color service!

To help you maintain your healthy scalp, they also sell scalp care products, hair treatment products, and even their signature wooden comb.

Start giving your scalp the attention it needs and ultimately see the difference it makes on your hair. Visit Meinas Scalp Treatment Center on your next pamper day!

Meinas Scalp Treatment Center

Lower Ground, The Annex, SM North EDSA, Quezon City

Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM

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