VeeWise Tandem Plays the New Mobile Game “Honor of Kings” for the First Time

Blacklist International’s Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario, popularly called as “VeeWise” tries the new Honor of Kings mobile game, recently launched in the Philippines.

VeeWise Honor of Kings

It is the first time for the duo to slay enemies in the game, entertaining their fans with their newly crafted strategies and humor. Wise often commented on the smooth gameplay of Honor of Kings on his device, while OhMyV33nus often compared the heroes between Honor of Kings and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, particularly Angela and Layla. 

Among the heroes, OhMyV33nus often had Dolia, the mermaid hero, as a recommendation to try from fans. Dolia is known for her voice, which spawned multiple covers online. In terms of skin, Princess Frost captured thier eye, running alongside the limited edition Princess Moon. Among other collaborations with the game is with the iconic Hello Kitty and manga and anime series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac.    

Honor of Kings is often compared to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With the recent announcement that Wild Rift is postponing grand tournaments, some of its players have also decided to switch to Honor of Kings.

See their full game below: