Essentials to Keep Pets Cool and Comfy During Summer

Even our beloved fur babies aren’t safe from the extreme summer heat, making them more prone to stress, heat stroke, and dehydration. Since they have different ways to cope with hot weather, it’s important to take extra precautions and ensure they’re comfortable and healthy.

So, to all fur moms and dads out there who are looking for better ways to keep their adorable fur babies hydrated and cool, here are must-haves to help them beat the heat. 

Cooling Pad

Pet Cooling Pad Shopee

Photo: Shopee

A cooling pad lets your pets relax and sleep comfortably, especially during summer. Instead of using the typical mat, replace it with this ice gel mat to keep them refreshed. After all, lying on the floor can get too hot for them as well! It comes in different sizes, and you can place it in a cage or any area. BUY IT HERE!

Portable Water Bottle

Pet Water Bottle Shopee

Photo: Shopee

Keep your fur babies hydrated on the go with this portable water bottle! You can bring it anywhere, ensuring they always have access to clean water. It features a large-capacity drinking cup and a half-sized cup of food storage storage, so you can also offer some treats to your pets. BUY IT HERE!

Cooling Scarf

Pet Cooling Scarf

Photo: Shopee

Putting this cooling scarf on your pet can offer them a temporary cooling relief. With that, they will feel refreshed, reducing the risk of heat stress. They’re less likely to get irritated wearing it, even for a short time, as it is breathable and made of pure cotton. Simply soak it in cold water for 20 to 30 minutes, then dry the excess water. It has different cute designs, too! BUY IT HERE!


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