Metro Manila Subway Will Transform into a Submarine for Floods

Imagine a super train zooming underground in Manila! That’s the Metro Manila Subway, being built right now. It’s a 36-kilometer subway line running north to south, connecting Valenzuela to Pasay. There will be 15 stations between those areas, and even a special branch to get you straight to Ninoy Aquino International Airport – way faster than a taxi!


But what netizens are asking is how it will survive typhoons and floods. What’s cool about the new subway system is it is built to survive these natural disasters, transforming into a submarine train to cross floods and get you to your destination no matter what.

They started building this project in 2019, calling it the “Project of the Century” no less. Parts of it are supposed to open by 2025 but full project completion is set for 2029. The whole project cost a ton ₱355.6 billion!

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