Delle Sorelle: A European-Style Events Place in Rizal For Any Kind of Celebration

This summer season, you may have lots of events, parties, and celebrations lined up to take advantage of the sunny days. Whatever kind (or size) of gathering you have planned, we’ve got the perfect venue recommendation for you.

Delle Sorelle is an events place in Rizal that accommodates any kind of occasion you may be celebrating—from intimate anniversaries to grand weddings. It’s even more than just an event venue because it also has cozy and comfortable suites & villas for family staycations or barkada get-togethers.

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Delle Sorelle is a sprawling European-style property inside a subdivision in Taytay, Rizal. I was delightfully shocked when we first entered their gates. The size of their property and its gorgeous Euro-style design went above & beyond my expectations.

Here are a few things we loved about Delle Sorelle.

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First, they have such versatile spaces within their property.

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Their in-house suites can accommodate 2 to 6 people. So whether you’re a couple celebrating a special day, or a small family on a weekend staycation, you can enjoy the spacious suites with a beautiful French-style exterior. There is also an outdoor pool (with a kiddie pool) perfect for those summer swim days.

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Guests of the suites also have complimentary breakfast from the exclusive in-house cafe of Delle Sorelle.

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Above the suites, there is The Pub which is a pub-style space that includes a pool table, karaoke, an exclusive bar, and cool lounge furniture. This space can accommodate up to 20 people and is available to rent for PHP 10,000 for 4 hours with PHP 5,000 worth of food. It’s such a beautifully styled space that’s perfect for intimate birthday parties or bachelor’s parties!

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On the same floor, there’s a conference room for up to 40 people. What’s interesting about their conference room is that it’s not like the usual boring meeting rooms in most spaces. It has styled windows that let lots of natural light come in, and black chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Delle Sorelle Event Spaces

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Right in the middle of Delle Sorelle is The Courtyard, the biggest event space on the property. It’s an elegant grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 150 people. It’s the perfect space for indoor weddings, debut parties, company parties, and even school proms!

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There’s also a massive picture-perfect fountain in front of The Courtyard, adding to the elegance and whimsical vibe of Delle Sorelle.

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Beside The Courtyard is Delle Sorelle’s Arched Garden, a chic outdoor space that can accommodate up to 6o guests. It’s great for smaller parties, wedding ceremonies, or even outdoor cocktail hours right before the full reception. I love how it requires very minimal styling because of how elegantly it’s designed.

Delle Sorelle also makes the whole party preparation a lot easier with their specially designed preparation area (or dressing room) right beside The Courtyard. With this, bridesmaids and groomsmen can have their own space to prepare before the big event.

Delle Sorelle offers the perfect setting for any important celebration with its tasteful interiors and exteriors, picture-perfect structures inside the property (like the gorgeous fountains and French-inspired buildings), and versatility in every space.

Delle Sorelle Villas

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If you’re looking for a space that’s more casual and homey, Delle Sorelle also has three private villas that are perfect for what you need.

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Their Spanish-inspired villas have two bedrooms—the primary bedroom is good for 2 people and has a private bathroom, while the second bedroom (in the villa’s loft) has 3 bunk beds for 9 people.

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The villa has a full-sized fridge to keep your drinks and food cold in time for your party, plus an indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen complete with cooking ware and dinnerware. There’s also an intimate dining area by the kitchen that can accommodate 4 people. No need to worry though, because there is also a larger dining table outside.

In the living area, there’s a smart TV with Netflix (for fun movie nights!), a mini foosball table, a recliner, and a comfy couch. You can even borrow a few board games and a mini karaoke machine to keep the fun going.

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And right outside the villa is an exclusive outdoor pool for both kids and grown-ups. It’s also quite a sizeable pool for a private villa, so you can be sure that the kids and kids-at-heart have more than enough space to splash and swim around.

It’s the perfect setting for your summer parties with friends and family!

Aside from the outdoor dining area, there are also poolside lounges and an outdoor shower by the pool. I personally loved the bathroom with access from the outside and from inside the villa, so you can shower after your swim without having wet floors.

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The whole villa can accommodate 11 people for overnight stays, but you can have day guests of up to 20 people. But if you have a huge family or multiple groups coming together, you can rent multiple villas and essentially “put them together” through access gates right by the pool. Of course, these are all locked if you’re only staying in one villa.

The villas are perfect for your summer pool parties thanks to the spacious outdoor pool area.

You also don’t have to worry about parking because their massive property has parking space for up to 70 cars.

Their helpful and friendly staff will also make your stay extra memorable. They’re always ready to assist guests with whatever is needed, helping reduce the stresses of party planning.

A versatile all-in-one event place in Rizal

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Delle Sorelle provides versatile spaces for any and every kind of event, big or small. And with its beautiful European-inspired design, it won’t take much to create a whimsical setting for your special celebrations.

Whether you’re preparing for your once-in-a-lifetime events or monthly weekend staycations, you can find a space for sure at Delle Sorelle.

Delle Sorelle

East Riviera Subdivision, Hwy 2000 Phase-2, Taytay, Rizal

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