Ooh Mummie! delivers dishes full of umami that are sure to satisfy any craving

Ooh Mummie! (pronounced umami) delivers on the promise their name makes, serving up dishes full of so much flavor you won’t be able to resist coming back for second, third, and even fourth servings.

Photo Credit: Ooh Mummie!

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Refusing to restrict themselves to a single cuisine or food trend, Ooh Mummie! offers a varied menu with something for everyone to enjoy. Whatever they think of, they add to the menu. The only thing set in stone is their goal of serving comfort food to customers – which clearly reflects in the dishes they come up with.

Their staple dish, Cold Spaghetti, is made using their mom’s signature recipe. For the family behind Ooh Mummie!, this is a dish that never missed a single Noche Buena or Media Noche appearance and it’s easy to see why. Its creamy, cheesy, meaty sauce is so addictive I nearly finished the container by myself. And for a lazy girl like me, the fact that it’s best eaten cold is definitely a plus as it eliminates the need to reheat it.

Photo Credit: Ooh Mummie!

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The Potato Croquettes have all the goodness you would expect from a fried ball of potato (which is a lot, because who doesn’t love potatoes?) but made better when you hit the center and get that contrast of flavors from the filling. You have a choice of either cheese or chorizo for the croquettes filling.

Their Spring Rolls are unbelievably fresh and refreshing. Paired with their peanut sauce, you get a sweet, salty, and seafood-y mouthful with so many different textures that eating it is a marvel. The best part is that no matter how many you eat, there is no heavy feeling afterward – making it the best food you can binge.

The Spring Rolls and Potato Croquettes are both best when consumed immediately.

Photo Credit: Ooh Mummie!

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The Mango Sticky Rice comes in two variations: original for those who prefer a traditional flavor and chocolate for those looking for a twist. Both are equally delicious and should not be slept on. It comes very close to the Mango Sticky Rice you would find in Thailand as it’s able to balance sweetness with just a hint of salt to remove the umay feeling.

Just make sure to pop it in the freezer for a quick 5 minutes before consuming if you prefer it cold, and in the microwave for a minute if you like it warm. But avoid keeping it in the fridge for too long as the flavor tends to go bland.

Photo Credit: Ooh Mummie!

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Finally, their gelato is the perfect note to end a meal on. It is honestly the creamiest homemade gelato I have ever tried and urge anyone who is a fan of cold, sweet treats to get themselves a pint (or two) of theirs. It comes in fun flavors like Cinnamon Toast, Berry Birthday Cake, S’mores, Himalayan Vanilla, Twin Pops, and Hazelnut.

A tip for anyone ordering their gelato is to book a courier with an insulated box so it doesn’t melt on the way to you. But if it does melt, keeping it in the freezer for 4-5 hours will have it good as new!

Their containers, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, are all microwave, freezer, and oven-safe.

Ooh Mummie! is the brainchild of two daughters and mother. Launched a little over 2 months into quarantine, this small business isn’t just a way for a family to cope with the pandemic but also a way to cope with their father’s unexpected passing. The two sisters came up with the idea of Ooh Mummie! to give themselves a reason to get out of bed in the morning and push them to productivity. We’re just here to reap the delicious rewards of that effort.

Ooh Mummie! delivers to all areas serviceable by courier. You may place an order through their Instagram (@oohmummie) or by contacting them at 09175131291 or (02)75036036.

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