Chef Rabbi in Tomas Morato Tastes Like Home

Chef Rabbi in Tomas Morato Tastes Like Home

If you’re craving for some home cooked Filipino food, yet are too lazy to put on your apron and do the cooking yourself, drive on to Scout Reyes corner Scout Castor in Quezon City (Tomas Morato area) and let Chef Rabbi serve you what your tummy is craving for. 

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Chef Dennis, a Bicolano, a pastor, a teacher, “Chef Rabbi” as what his friends and students would call him, the owner and chef of Chef Rabbi, shared his humble beginnings of not too long ago with us. He was basically looking for a break from studying theology and decided to take up a course in culinary arts. There, he realized that he loved doing it and all the more, loved to serve his customers the food that they want…

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Sinigang na Panga ng Tuna


His first customer was a blessing. He did not just walk in 15 minutes after Chef Dennis first opened his restaurant; he also ordered takeouts for his brother to try, which led to many more visits and recruits to the place.

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Tanigue Steak

A few days after, another group of people came in and enjoyed his food so much that they decided to come by every week. 3 months after the opening, they had already tried everything, so they asked him to cook dishes other than the ones Chef Rabbi was already serving.

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Sweet and Sour Fish

Word of mouth has been Chef Dennis’ friend and he has not only been happy, but also grateful that people who come by his place enjoy his food and share it with their friends.

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Pinangat na Alimasag


Why Chef Rabbi has found love from his customers is not at all a riddle… Good food, affordable prices, a cozy venue, hospitable servers and unlimited drinks – how could you possibly go wrong?

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Aside from the homey food they serve at Chef Rabbi, dining at the place is definitely a joy. You wouldn’t feel like you’re out there somewhere, but will actually feel like you’re just home, enjoying a hot meal.


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Fried Chicken Chops


Aside from the fact that Chef Rabbi already has a variety of food on his menu, he also allows food requests, as if you were at home, in your own kitchen, with a personal chef. (Requests will have to be notified in advance, of course, to give time for market and preparation.)


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Spicy Squid (my fave among the chef’s favorites)


The food doesn’t stop at spicy squid, either. For dessert:


Chef Rabbi Tomas Morato


Chef Rabbi Tomas Morato 

Kamote Fries 


There are many more dishes that we didn’t take photos of and are bestsellers at Chef Rabbi, Tomas Morato. Laing, Bicol Express and Maja Blanca are definitely on the must-try list! However, it still does not end there, so why not drop by Chef Rabbi in Tomas Morato and just taste it for yourself?

When in Manila and looking for a place that feels, tastes and smells like home, go to Chef Rabbi and enjoy a hearty meal. 



Chef Rabbi


Call 0919-626-1000 for reservations



Chef Rabbi in Tomas Morato Tastes Like Home


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