Kettle Shangri-La: A New Comfort Food Place in the Metro

Kettle Shangri-La: A New Comfort Food Place in the Metro


When in Manila and in Shangri-La Plaza, check out the newly opened east wing with restaurants of different concepts than the usual brands around the metro (not to mention great stores, like Pismo Digital Lifestyle). Go on up to the 5th level and you will see Kettle Shangri-La, the new place to be pigging out at whenever you feel like you need a little comfort from the stress at work, or even when you’re not stressed, but just want to eat some good homey feeling kind of food. 



When in Kettle Shangri-La and asking “Why the name Kettle?”, we were told it’s because kettles are usually used for cooking at home, and they wanted to give that homey feeling with the ambiance and the food. And all I said was: “aaaah….” (pitch going up)


Chef Chiloy Santos owns and runs this home-like restaurant. Not only does he makes sure that good food is served, but he also ensures that his customers are always happy by going around to ask how his customers are. kettle-13

When you first look at the menu, the prices may seem a little intimidating, but wait ’til you see and eat the dishes served! You’ll immediately regret having that thought.


Appetizer: Pork and Potato Strips Php 339

Tastes like fresh Piknik in a plate. Once you pop, you can’t stop!


Truffle Gorgonzola Php 289

It looks really simple, but I tell you, it’s not! 


Mac Four Cheese Php 269

Cheddar, Fontina, Gruyere, Parmesan, need I say more?


  Kettle Grilled Four Cheese Php 329


 Reuben Sandwich Php 489

Made out of Home-Made Corned Beef 


Buttermilk Fried Chicken Php 519

This would be my favorite and most comforting food choice among them all. Tender, juicy and tasty on the inside, but super crispy on the outside. P.S. it’s twice-fried and the country gravy and cajun honey sauce it comes with makes it even better!  Besides: who doesn’t love fried chicken?


 Steak and Marrow Php 2569

This is mind-blowing – literally. The steak is already perfect, but the caption Prime Aged Rib Eye steak with the marrow? Just taste it for yourself! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


 Australian Lamb Adobo Php 449

A different take on adobo and lamb at the same time.