Mad Mark’s Glorietta 5: Their Insanely Good Food is Now Available in the Makati CBD

Mad Mark’s Glorietta 5: Their Insanely Good Food is Now Available in the Makati CBD


When in Manila and mad about steak and ice cream, there’s no better place to run to but Mad Mark’s. You all may have heard of the craze that they’ve already spread in Kapitolyo, Pasig: from the humble beginnings of one young entrepreneur who wanted to open an ice cream parlor just because he got tired of playing video games, that turned into what is Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats. 

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This is their tender, juicy, tastefully delicious USDA steak served with a choice of Bootstrap Steak Sauce, Cream Mushroom Sauce, Ragin’ Cajun, Roasted Nut or Johnnie Double Black Sauces; each slice of steak is just wickedly scrumptious. 

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You also get to choose the sidings that you want, be it hot or cold. I’d recommend the potato salad with bacon bits on top, as well as the garden grains. But if you’re looking for something less fatty, you can always go for the grilled corn or the house salad instead.

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The creole grilled chicken would also be a healthy choice, as it is white chicken meat with fragrant herbs and spices on it, best served with the roasted nut sauce. I personally usually don’t like white meat, but this is an exception. Even though the meat was a bit overcooked, the sauce and the spices that comes with it saved the day.

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Now, if you’re the type who just doesn’t care; the lumberjack would be perfect for you. Slices of their heavenly USDA steak, drizzled with cream mushroom sauce, with accents of green bell pepper, onions and greens. I love how the bread is crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside. 

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How could anyone forget their honest-to-goodness freshly made ice cream, as well? Each flavor you try would just make you go “ooooohhhh… aaaaahhhhh…” (picture Muttly of the Wacky Races each time he eats good food)

It’s hard to pick a favorite amongst these flavors as they are all just really good. Here are the flavors you can choose from:

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Their best sellers are the Half-Baked Madagascar, Javan Hot Chocolate and Sumatra Strong Brew.


Read on to see what’s in store for you at Mad Mark’s Glorietta 5