Sweet Avenue Cafe: Of Desserts, Coffee, Good Food and Cake Artistry in Manila

Sweet Avenue Cafe: Of Desserts, Coffee, Good Food and Cake Artistry in Manila


When in Manila and looking for a nice place to hang out, dine with friends, and spend some quiet time alone or if you are merely craving for some sweets, drive to Leon Guinto Street, corner Quirino Ave. (near Lolo Dads) and find one the newest cafe in town. Sweet Avenue Cafe, which opened just recently, already has regular clients who have found a home there and come in every day to have their daily dose of coffee and brownies. Aside from the already famous sweets before the cafe opened, the cafe itself is designed like a home, with wood finishing a antique chandeliers and paintings on the wall, which the owner himself painted. 

Chef Lawrence Gopuansuy, who owns and runs the cafe, was duly educated in baking pastries at the Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia. He also serves affordable hot meals and all day breakfast for those who need energy for their daily grind. 

Let me give you 4 reasons to want to keep coming back once you’ve tried Sweet Avenue Cafe


1. Sweet Avenue Cafe’s Delectable Desserts


This was the main product of Sweet Avenue Cafe before it even became a cafe. Their humble beginnings were that of online selling and suddenly a TV feature here and there, until the word of mouth about their yummy desserts spread and it was time to open up a store to share it with even more people. 

Sweet Avenue Cafe-23

Cupcakes at Php55 each, those addictive moist brownies at Php85 for 9 pcs.

Sweet Avenue Cafe-24

The White Chocolate Macadamia Cake would be one of the must-try’s on the menu. According to Chef Lawrence, it’s a recipe he’s had since he was in college, back in the days when he took up his Culinary Course in College of St. Benilde. I like it because it’s moist, not too sweet and just light. Make sure you leave space for this when you lunch at Sweet Avenue Cafe. 


2. Sweet Avenue Cafe’s Fragrant Coffee


Have your coffee the way you want it. Simply ask the barista to add shots in case you want or need more caffeine. They also serve decaf. 

Sweet Avenue Cafe-28

Caramel Macchiato, White mocha and Cafe mocha prices ranges from Php100 to Php130

 Sweet Avenue Cafe-17

White Mocha, Cookie and Green Tea Frappes ranging from Php 130 to Php 160. If you are a green tea lover, make sure you order the Green Tea Frappe. 

Sweet Avenue Cafe-19

 The Classic Americano for the Coffee Addict is at Php 80 for the small cup and 100 for the bigger cup

Sweet Avenue Cafe-20

A cup of Cappuccino to go with the cupcakes would be divine. Price ranges from Php 90 to Php 110.