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iBUILD 2017: Connecting Builders of Nations

Infrastructure is a sign of progress. To build things like houses, roads, bridges, buildings, and other developments are fusions of excellent professionals from a variety of industries such as architecture, construction, engineers, technicians, etc. So much effort and talent are needed to make something stand; also, because lives are at stake. Standards have to be […]


German Unson Heritage House: Negros’ First Ancestral Home Bed and Breakfast

Fancy a time travel to the opulent and grand era of the sugar barons in Negros? The four bedrooms of this 1930’s neo-colonial style guesthouse, plus the service of the innkeepers will make you feel exactly that. Don’t let the plush antiques and family heirlooms fool you. This place will make you feel right at home. They […]


5 Ways on How to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day

5 Ways on How to Surprise Your Mom on Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I bet you’re already whipping up surprises for your mom. Yeah, it can be challenging but it is fun as well, whether you do it alone or with your siblings. My brothers and I love surprising our […]


WATCH: Eric Menk rides a jeepney for the very first time

Eric Menk is at it again with his vlog. In his latest video, he went on a personal mission to ride a jeepney for the very first time. Menk has been living in the Philippines for 20 years but admits he has never rode a jeepney in his life. He says in the vlog he […]


Huawei Photography 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Photography

Take the best travel photos with the new HUAWEI P10 and P10 PLUS! High-quality photos bring you into that moment. When you encounter a magical place, do not rush to press the shutter. Read this meticulously prepared guide first, and get ready to wow your friends with amazing, professional-looking shots captured with the Leica dual […]

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Revealing Untold Stories: Share #Standout Stories & Get A Chance To Win A #HuaweiP10!

My photographer-partner said: “the best thing about memories is making them..” and this is what I love about Huawei’s P10 superior portrait capabilities: you can easily capture the moment, capture every detail, and every moment captured is a wonderful story waiting to be revealed. Being the “Top Pick” by many publications for their striking design […]