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There was a time in my life when I wished there were restaurants that served healthy food – ones that truly care about your body and your lifestyle and not just ones that merely care about their own businesses. I had a dream that people would be more conscious about the food they eat someday, that they’d demand for food that feels good on their palates and in their bodies.

Growing up in a family with backgrounds of diabetes, hypertension and cancer, it’s hard not to fear for your own health. After all, that is all you have to spend in this life… As they say, “Health is Wealth.”


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The trend with food nowadays is crazy. It’s hard to keep up with it and to stay fit as there are new inventions daily that may lead to obesity. Although technology isn’t really to blame for all of this, people are. We tend to abuse things that are available to us. We become lazy and tend to take shortcuts because at the end of the day, they are still the easier routes.


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“I shall be telling this with a sigh, Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by,

 And that has made all the difference.”

– The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost


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FitBurger began with an obese young professional who was told by his doctor that he’d be a goner if he didn’t change his lifestyle. He took his doctor’s advice and began to work out, eat healthy and be more conscious about his health. He’s now 34, a fitness consultant and one of the owners of FitBurger Inc. Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bland. It doesn’t mean that all you’re ever going to eat is fish and vegetables. All it means is that you balance your food intake with your lifestyle (a.k.a. how you live your daily life).


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It’s all about the ingredients. Just as any food enthusiast would say: the fresher, the better. Unlike other burger stalls out there, the burger patties are 90% meat and 10% fat at FitBurger Inc. – no preservatives to make the burger’s shelf life longer! This is the secret to feeling good after eating the burgers here. No icky feeling after eating, no oil drips from your burger, and yes, no suffering of your cholesterol levels.


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 The Fit Burger (TonyMac’s Original Cheeseburger) P190


The bread they serve are whole wheat pita breads which are lower in carbs, have no sugar, and have minimal sodium compared to other types of bread. The tomato cuts in the burger are generously sliced, the onions are fresh as ever, and no ingredient fall short. FitBurger’s mission is not only to keep people fit, but to also satisfy their cravings, assuring you that the food they serve are food that the owners themselves would devour in their secret quiet corners.


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 The Fitness Model (Chicken Burger) P 185


The “Fitness Model” is composed of 50% chicken breast and 50% chicken thigh, so it’s not the same as the tasteless diet chicken burgers you’ve tasted before. It also has oatmeal in it to keep it moist and to give you extra fiber, too.


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Amino Boost P 170 / French Fries P 55  / Sweet Potato Fries P 75 / Coconut Water P70


Coconut water and Watermelon Amino Boost are just two of the refreshing drinks you can choose from on FitBurger’s menu which are healthy alternatives to soda, as well. Fries are not banned from the healthy diet, either. You see, living a healthy life doesn’t mean depriving yourself of good food; it only means eating wisely. Know what’s in your food and how it is prepared (those that keep it top secret must be hiding something sinful.)


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Breakfast Burger (Patty, Egg Bacon and Cheese) P 220


My favorite would have to be the breakfast burger because I love breakfast food and I love burgers. The thick slice of bacon that tastes like fresh bacon (not your regular grocery bacon) topped with properly cooked scrambled eggs (yes, I am that particular about my eggs) and the burger patty with molten cheese just blend perfectly well. Kinda like sausage mcmuffin with egg minus the 50% fat content. If you follow the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S., you should be able to remember the scene where Rachel makes Joey use diet mayo over the regular ones and Joey goes on and says, “it tastes the same, it just makes my pants feel a bit loose.”


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The Fighter (Bacon Cheeseburger) P 220


Healthy food that’s open 24/6.5 days. Healthy food that’s good not only for your macros but also for your palate and even your wallet. Healthy food that tells you it’s okay to have bacon and it’s okay to eat beef as long as it’s done in moderation.

“Five FitBurgers a day, keep the fat away.” Visit FitBurger Inc. 


FitBurger Inc. 

Unit LGR2-1 LeGrand Tower 2, Eastwood City, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines

(02) 958 5641

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