Top 15 Sexiest Men on Radio: Manila’s Hottest Male DJs

Last month, we published a list of the 15 prettiest radio DJs in Manila. It was a bloody process that involved countless hours of listening to the radio, checking websites, stalking their social media pages, and debating with editors and friends on the things that define beauty. Of course, looks played a big role, but we also considered their wit, humor, and hosting skills. It was a fun experience being surrounded (through photos) by beautiful girls, and we thought, why not do the same with male DJs?
We did the same thing: listened to the radio, stalked them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (sorry, guys), and argued with well-meaning friends on the question: who are the hottest male DJs in the Philippines?
We came up with the list of 15 sexiest men on radio below. It was a tough time, but we had fun. Do you agree with the list ?

 Top 15 Sexiest Men on Radio: Manila’s Hottest Male DJs  

Rico Panero (1011 Yes FM)
15. Rico Panero (101.1 Yes FM)
Rico Panero is your guy if you’re attracted to “bears,” or scruffy guys. He is kind of like a bear, scruffy and huggable. He also has cute eyes that disappear when he smiles. The perfect date with Rico is a movie at home, lots of pillows, hot cocoa, and his arms around you #blessed. Really, what’s not to love about this sweetheart?
11 Russ Davis (Jam 883)
14. Russ Davis (Jam 88.3)
At first glance, Russ looks mysterious and a bit devilish, but there’s more to him than his mischievous smile. He also knows the local independent music scene like the back of his hand. A date with him means seeing some of the country’s best obscure bands in under-the-radar bars and venues. What happens after? Let his smile take care of the rest.
14 Chris Tsuper (907)
13. Chris Tsuper (90.7 Love Radio)
Also from Love Radio is Chris Tsuper, one half of the hilarious morning tambalan with Nicole Hyala. Girls love a guy with a sense of humor, and story has it that Chris is super friendly and approachable in real life. His dream name is Carlo Valentino, and you can expect him to be that. Funny guys are best friend material, but he’s the one guy no one is going to friendzone. Plus, doesn’t he just look like the type you’d want to bring home to meet your mom?
10 Rico Robles (RX 931)
12. Rico Robles (RX 93.1)
Rico Robles is a combination of a woman’s two biggest turn-ons: sensitive and macho, which he both proved when he was a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother. He’s the kind of guy who will listen to you talk about your girl problems, and punch a scumbag’s face when he disrespects you.  There’s just something about this bad-boy-with-a-vulnerable-side that’s just so endearing.
Nikko Ramos (Magic 899)
11. Nikko Ramos (Magic 89.9)
Nikko is a total cutie, but don’t let his baby face get the better of you. This guy is passionate… for basketball. It’s all he ever talks about on Twitter, but we have to admit, it’s pretty adorable. Guys who are passionate about something make great boyfriends, and we wonder, what’s Nikko like as a boyfriend?

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