Top 15 Sexiest Men on Radio: Manila’s Hottest Male DJs

   The Sexiest Men on Radio: Manila’s Hottest Male DJs   

Castri Cabatay (979 Home Radio)
5. Castri Cabatay (97.9 Home Radio)
Oh, if only looks could kill, or at least make a girl melt with that gaze. Castri Cabatay looks more like a model than a DJ, but we’ll take what we can get, especially if that involves Castri. From stalking….. I mean researching…. yeah…. From researching Castri online, you’ll find that he’s also an avid American Football fan and player! And if there’s one thing I know about American Football players is that you have to be one tough guy to get on that field! Oh… and muscles… they have lots of those ;) Other than muscles, one of his Facebook photos has the caption “Work hard, stay humble,” but if we had him as a boyfriend, I doubt we would stay humble.
03 Justin Quirino (995 Play FM)
4. Justin Quirino (99.5 Play FM)
With his boyish gaze and goofy grin, it’s a pleasure to know that Justin is one of radio’s funniest characters. He’s energetic and silly, and you get caught up with the guy’s energy when you’re listening to him on air. It also helps that he looks like a teen heartthrob. Wacky guys are the best people to hang out with, and you can be your crazy self around him. As his shirt says, “No fear, Justin is here.”
01 BNO (Magic 899)
3. Boys Night Out (Magic 89.9)
And it’s a triple threat at number three! Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Toni of Boys Night Out are collectively charming, but each one has his own individual quirks. Tony is the ladies man, Sam gets the girl with his quick wit plus humor (and handsome face), and Slick Rick is the voice of reason that girls can depend on. One of them flirting with you can make anyone dizzy with kilig, but if all three combine their flirting powers, we wish you good luck. Yeeeeaaaaaah men! 
KC Montero (Wave 891)
2. KC Montero (Wave 89.1)
KC Montero may look like a bad boy with his sexy bald head, his beard, and his smoldering looks, but he’s a teddy bear at heart. Check out his social media accounts and see how he publicly proclaims his love for his girlfriend. When he tweets things like “I’ll move mountains for you” and “I finally found her,’ you’re going to wish those tweets were for you.
05 Chris Schneider (RX 931)
1. Chris Schneider (RX 93.1)
Fittingly enough, one of the new faces of MTV Philippines is also on top of this list of sexy men on radio! Really, take one look at the guy and it’s no surprise how this gorgeous VJ/DJ topped this list. This guy has a face fit for commercials and billboards, but we’re still happy he’s on radio because we get to hear his sexy voice. On social media, he has a hashtag called #MachoSessions, where he posts tips on relationships. His looks should be enough for him to be included on this list, but if you’re not convinced, there’s a YouTube video out there of him channeling his inner Magic Mike. You’re welcome.
Hottest Men DJ on Philippine Radio
So there you have it! Some of the better faces you don’t see, but should, from radio! Don’t forget to also check out our list of the 15 prettiest radio DJs in Manila!
Who do you think is the sexiest male radio DJ in Manila? Give us your TOP 3 hottest male DJs in the comments below!  
 P.S. – Of course, there’s a special place on our list for our EIC and (former) DJ Vince G ;)


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