15 Prettiest Radio DJs in Manila

15 Prettiest Radio DJs in Manila


To be a radio DJ, you must have a really good voice. A DJ must rely on this (along with his quick wit and lively personality) to survive radio, and not just be the “necessary evil” before the listener can hear his favorite song. There’s also a saying that those with good voices are not blessed in the looks department. We’re not sure where this saying came from (definitely not Aristotle or everyone’s favorite philosopher, Unknown), but it must be because of the mystery of the faceless voice which makes us wonder, “What does this person look like?” Now these 15 female DJs are proving that saying wrong! Not only are they blessed with fantastic voices and great personalities, they look pretty darn good, too. They’re a triple threat: they sound good, they’re charming, and they look awesome. 

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Here are our picks of the 15 prettiest radio DJs in Manila: 

15 Cerah Hernandez (15 Prettiest Radio DJs in Manila)

15. Cerah Hernandez (Monster Radio RX 93.1)

Cerah is proof that morenas can compete with the popular mestiza and chinita girls that guys go crazy for. With the range of whitening products available, Cerah firmly stands her ground, rocks her show, and blesses all of us with her voice (and her looks).

14 Scarlet Onradio (15 Prettiest Radio DJs in Manila)

14. Scarlet (103.5 K-Lite)

It doesn’t surprise us that before becoming a DJ, she was a model, news anchor, and events host. It’s a shame that we only hear her voice, but her show Jumpstart is accurate, because it’s a great way to start each weekday morning. You know what would make it better? Seeing that smile, too.

13 Raqi Tera (15 Prettiest Radio DJs in Manila)

13. Raqi Tera (90.7 Love Radio)

The girls at Love Radio are known for their quick wit and humor, but what many don’t know is that they’re also a pretty bunch, Raqi included. She looks way, way younger than her age, making her the kind of girl you bring home to meet mom. She describes herself as ‘gorbulous’ (gorgeous and fabulous), and we totally agree. And oh, she used to play basketball. What more can you ask for?

12 Delamar (15 Prettiest Radio DJs in Manila)

12. Delamar (Monster Radio RX 93.1)

Any legitimate list about radio DJs has to have Delamar, one third of the dynamic show The Morning Rush. Whether it’s a list of the most popular shows, the most in-demand DJs, and of course, the prettiest DJs, Delamar has to be there. I mean, have you seen those Marie France ads? Now that is one hot momma!

11 Margaux Sue Cortez (15 Prettiest Radio DJs in Manila)

11. Margaux Sue Cortez (Wave 89.1)

Margaux is every guy’s punk rock dream girl. She has a rocking figure, but her most distinctive feature is her hair, which she frequently changes. She looks like the kind of girl who knows how to have fun, whether it’s in a high-class restaurant or in a rock concert. Now that’s our kind of girl.

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