This Year, Love and Dare to be Different: The Change Planner 2017

Whew. 2017. Just like that, we bid goodbye to a heavy year. What we have now is a a fresh year to start anew, to leave behind all the bad vibes of the past year (oh yeah, 2016 I’m looking at you), to reflect on the past, and plan for the future. It’s also the season of  hope -hope for our new year resolutions, fitness goals, and re-inventions.

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change your life planner 2017

As I’m too poor to afford a life coach to help me identify and achieve personal goals, I rely on my family and friends to uplift and push me on. Ultimately, I cheer and help myself (yay go me!) to keep track of what I want to do.

My advice: If we ever want to push for a transformation, what we need to do is planner to change our lives.

I present to you, The Change Planner 2017.


I got the kilig when I received this package ’cause I’ve really been looking for the 2017 planner for quite some time now. I’ve been picking it up in bookstores, checking it out, browsing its pages then contemplating. Finally, it’s mineeeee!


The Change Planner is published by FreeSpeech Publications since 2009 calling it “This Journal Will Actually Change Your Life.” Each year has a theme, and 2017’s is “LIFE IS NOW, LIFE IS HERE.”


Each page is filled with interesting facts and trivia, unusual holidays, action blurbs, and mood charts. There are charts for health like water intake, and healthy and junk food intakes. There are also reminders for quarterly check-ups, self-empowerment tips, expense trackers, and bucket lists.


What I like the most is their life coupons. It’s unique and unusual. While other planners have coupons for salons, products, coffee, and such, The Change Planner coupons are more like IOUs (I owe yous)–treating love ones to coffee dates, movie bondings, and spa times. I’d love to get one of these!


Its so colorful, you guys! There are a plenty of artworks inside to get your artsy farty motivation.


It’s never short of inspiration too. At the back, I see this:

“This year is your year to believe the truth that Life is in the here and now. 2017 is the year to stop waiting for circumstances to be perfect before you begin to LIVE the LIFE you choose.

The 2017 Change Journal affirms that we human beings are far more powerful than we realize everyday. It will help you to begin living now, by changing the things that need to be changed, by starting the things that need starting—whether you take tiny steps or monumental leaps, the time is now.

The operative, energy-filled, dynamic word is NOW. Life is now here. Believe in your own power.”

I couldn’t say it any better than this. Live in the moment and push your dreams NOW!


And while it works in organizing your life, you are also helping to change other people’s lives. Proceeds from this journal go to Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc. whose initiatives includes helping scholars get an excellent education. FreeSpeech Publications also supports Lifeline Foundation’s Medical Missions, bringing medical and dental services, and community health initiatives to remote and underserved areas all around the Philippines. It’s all for a good cause.


Are you ready? Be part of the change.

FreeSpeech Publications


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