Summer Ideas: 25 Fun Summery Things To Do Before the Sun Hibernates On Us

Summer Ideas: 25 Fun Summery Things To Do Before the Sun Hibernates On Us

Summer Ideas
We can all agree that many of us are currently hating on the sun for inflicting blistering pain upon our skin. We diligently take a shower a number of times each day to keep our bodies cool and fresh, but just as soon as we towel off, beads of perspiration immediately emerge from our bodies, prompting us to freak out like we’re Olaf melting away in the beach. That’s how hot it is these days. So yeah, the summer heat is relentless.

Let us not forget, however, that the rainy season is just around the corner. Soon enough, we will be missing the sun as it hibernates on us when the equally relentless rain showers take over.

Thus, if we can’t beat the summer heat, let’s make the best of it. While the sun is still upon us, let’s succumb to its presence and try to enjoy it while it lasts.

When In Manila, or anywhere else in the country, here are 25 fun summery things to do before the sun bids us adieu:

Summer Ideas: 25 Fun Summery Things To Do

Summer Ideas

1. Go to the beach. This is a no-brainer. The beach owns the sun, so head on to the nearest one, spend some quality ocean time and get a kick-ass tan. Where no beach is around, the pool is the next best thing.

2. Pick some flowers. What better way to smell the roses than to actually gather some flowers and make a D-I-Y bouquet to give to your mother or significant other? Not only do you get to commune with nature, but you actually get to do a sweet gesture. But please, lay off the sunflowers at UP!

3. Treat your family to a picnic. In lieu of another trip to the restaurant, why not go on a lovely picnic with your family at the park? This fun activity is a good way to bond with your family and save some money, as well.

4. What the hell, play frisbee while you’re at it! After picnicking at the park, why not work up a sweat to burn off those calories? Throw a frisbee around in the open space and let your kids catch it.

5. Build that herb garden already. You know that ugly weed-infested patch of soil in your yard that you call a garden? Well, it’s time to get cracking on your long overdue project and build that herb garden that you’ve always wanted. Grow some tarragon, basil and sage. That ought to get you motivated to cook flavorful healthy meals.

Summer Ideas
6. Write poetry under a tree. Is it just me who finds pleasure in scribbling lines of poetry whilst out in the wondrous company of nature? Anyone else? No? OK, I’m weird. If poetry is not your cup of tea, write a journal or read a book instead. If it tickles your fancy, you can skim through the recently released Napo-list. That would surely make your blood boil. But then you won’t need the sun, I guess.

7. Build a tree house. For the dads out there, earn some pogi points from your kids. Build them a tree house to end the summer. But ask them to help you build it, for Pete’s sake, so you don’t break your back.

8. Get competitive with your barkada with a barbecue-off. A cook-off with your friends is always fun. But while it’s nice and sunny, why not hold your culinary competition outside? Whoever makes the best-tasting pork barbecue gets to take home all the left-overs. IF there will be any left-overs, that is.

9. I beg you, wash the damn car! Your car is your trusty friend. It gets you places and it brings you home. Don’t neglect it and leave it dirty for too long. Giving your car a bath is as necessary as an oil change and a tune-up. So clean him up. He will thank you for it.

10. Patintero, piko, tumbang-preso. Remember those? Reminisce the good ol’ days with your kids. Teach them those awesome games that you used to play as a child. Take away the iPad and the PlayStation from your kids, pull them out of the house and play taguan, patintero, piko, trumpo and tumbang-preso.

Summer Ideas
11. Catch flies. No, not the pesky ones that feast on our food, but the beautifully fascinating kinds, like butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies. Remember being amazed as a kid the first time you saw a bunch of glittering alitaptaps flying about? Yeah, your kids deserve to be amazed like that.

12. Fly a kite. You’ve always wanted to fly, right? Well, you can’t. Unless you’re a bird or a plane or Superman. But that’s never gonna happen. The good thing, though, is that you can fly a kite. So do that instead. It’s also fun!

13. Repaint your house. The freshly painted houses of your neighbors have been nagging at you for months. Stop procrastinating and just do it—repaint your house with a uniquely cool shade like tangerine, aqua blue or sunshine yellow. That should make your neighbors turn green with envy.

14. Make a homemade obstacle course. So, you and your kids have been gaining weight from all the ice cream and halo-halo binges this summer? Let’s do something about that. Build an obstacle course in your yard with some rope, some old tires and some empty rice sacks. Do a round or two each day. You and your kids will slim down in no time.

15. Visit Luneta. Relive the days of Jose Rizal while taking a stroll at Luneta Park. Or if that doesn’t interest you, just hold hands with your BF or GF while walking as the dirty ice cream you’re holding in your other hand melts away under the sun.

Summer Ideas
16. Build an outdoor pizza oven. Have you always wanted an oven to make your own pizza, but found it to be too damn expensive? A brilliant option: build an outdoor pizza oven using cement or bricks. No need for gas or electricity since coals will do the burning and baking. That’s right: rustic is bliss.

17. Bathe your dog. Remember when I said your car is your friend? Well, so is your dog. Whitey or Browney or Bantay, or whatever your pet dog’s name is, is always happy when you’re happy. And he’s also sad with you when you’re sad. Yeah, he’s that loyal to you. So go bathe him already. He stinks!

18. Run. When you’re all alone, headphones on, and you let your feet take you wherever they want to go, that is freedom. Ask Forrest Gump, he knows running very well. So be free, run like the wind.

19. Bike. If running is not your thing, there’s always biking. When you’re all alone, headphones on, and you let the wheels take you wherever you want to go, that is freedom. Ask Lance Armstrong, he knows biking very well. Just don’t get too competitive and take performance-enhancing substances. Not cool.
20. Climb a mountain. Feel like doing something a bit more adventurous than running or biking? Fine, go climb a mountain! Hike up there and back down. Just don’t go solo. Grab a buddy and experience the thrill of conquering a mountain. Bring a flag with your name on it. Stick it in the ground when you reach the summit.
Summer Ideas
21. Do a yard sale. Got too much stuff in the house that you don’t use? Or you’re a closet hoarder and you finally want to do something about it? It’s time to free yourself from all that clutter… or from your disgusting addiction. Sell all those stuff you don’t need, I beg you.

22. Organize an outdoor yoga session. Exercise is good, but doing it alone is kinda sad. So get all your friends out in the park and do yoga together. If they don’t like yoga, there’s zumba or pilates or tai chi. If they still don’t like those, I say bring a frisbee just in case.

23. Play dodgeball… with ice! Dodgeball is always fun. But it’s too hot to play it, you say? Well, you don’t really need a ball to play dodge ball. You can do it with ice cubes. Yes, it would hurt a little, but the sting of the chilly ice cubes against your skin under the hot sun will sure feel nice. (If you do decide to play this game, make sure you use little ice cubes, not big chunks of ice. And please wear safety gear, like a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. You can also use a ping-pong paddle or a badminton racket to block the ice thrown your way. Gotta be safe always!)

24. Go camping… just outside your door. No budget for an out-of-town adventure? Easy. Set up a campsite in your backyard. Build a makeshift tent, create a bonfire and burn some marshmallows. Your kids will love it.

25. Go deep: dive! But if you do have some money for an out-of-town adventure, I say go diving with your family. Let your kids witness and experience nature’s beauty underwater. The marine plants and animals down there are breathtaking. And when your family thanks you for it, it’s heartwarming.

Anything else to add to the list? Comment below.

Summer Ideas: 25 Fun Summery Things To Do Before the Sun Hibernates On Us