Our Top 5 Favorite Pizza Places in Metro Manila That You Should Try

Top 5 Favortie Pizza Places in Metro Manila

Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano



When in Manila and craving for really great pizzas, here are Top 5 Pizza places which you ought to visit for guaranteed pizza satisfaction!

I must admit that putting up this article was quite difficult as I had to really think hard on which names will make it to my Top 5 List. From more than 20 finalists, these are the ones who really stood out and gave us unforgettable experiences!  The ranking as well was another thing, for they all possess a unique charm. Also, I’ve decided to make this post in response to the people who are always asking me about my recommended places for best pizzas!


Since this post is limited to only Metro Manila, I’d like to give special mention to Chef Pol Poblador’s Pizza at Lima Park Hotel in Batangas for it really deserves a lot of recognition! Frank and I always look forward to this whenever we stay in Batangas and we highly recommend you try it as well whenever you head south! 

Lima Park Hotel When in manila  Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya (286 of 303)



Without further adieu, here are my most favorite and highly recommended pizzas in Metro Manila…


5. Aveneto Pizzeria (with branches in Trinoma, Megamall, Glorietta etc)

If I remember right, it was in 2005 or 2006 when I first dined here at Aveneto in their original branch along Visayas Avenue in Project 6, Quezon City. It was my dear friend and mentor  the late Je Bautista who introduced this place to us. I love their Seafood Special and Howie’s Special a lot and I’d often order by the slice. Their pizza slices are quite big and are affordably priced around 80-100php!

Best partnered with their Oil and Garlic pasta with Italian Sausage in White Sauce! MMMMMmmmmmmm!!!

Best pizza When In Manila mae ilagan-1

Best pizza When In Manila mae ilagan-2

Frank with his All-Meat Pizza

4. Va Pensiero (Araneta Coliseum near Gateway entrance)

Meet the Va Pensiero Pizza (350php) with Salmon, Anchovies, mozzarella and Arugula. I remember visiting this place almost every weekend in 2010! I think not a lot of people actually know about this place but I swear this is by far the best pizza in Cubao area and I don’t mind traveling from Fairview just to enjoy this!

The last time I went to Cubao though, I didn’t see them anymore (I hope I’m wrong). I really hope they’re still in business until now.

Best pizza When In Manila mae ilagan-4

Best pizza When In Manila mae ilagan-5

 ooooh lah lah!!!


3. Vieux Chalet (Taktak Rd, Antipolo City)

Whenever you visit Vieux Chalet, be sure to order their 5 Cheese Pizza! This is the best 5 Cheese Pizza for me due to the wonderful medley of cheeses which go so well with the rest of the ingredients. The almond bits, further elevated it into new heights! So simple yet so complex… there’s something about it which I cannot describe!  I just feel so blissful with every bite!

Vieux Chalet Antipolo When In Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (115 of 182)

Vieux Chalet Antipolo When In Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (110 of 182)


2. My Kitchen by Chef Chris  (Inside the Oasis Park Hotel 1032-34 Belen St, Paco, Manila)

Nothing beats D’ Original Panizza by Chef Chris Locher of course! No wonder multitudes flock his resto at The Oasis Park Hotel just to savor a bite of this culinary gem. The food here is so great that even Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler came here during his Manila visit! If you love paper thin crust pizzas, then I’m sure you’ll love this!

Oasis Park Hotel My Kitchen Mae Ilagan When In Manila (37 of 85)

Oasis Park Hotel My Kitchen Mae Ilagan When In Manila (47 of 85)

It’s always an honor to talk with Chef Chris! He’s one of the few very passionate chefs I know! He’s truly inspiring and the WhenInManila team loves him a lot!!


Oasis Park Hotel My Kitchen Mae Ilagan When In Manila (49 of 85)

 best rolled with alfalfa sprouts and arugula


1. The Pizzas of Chef Maurizio Gibillini at Tosca inside Dusit Thani Manila

Now, this one is an entirely different story! I call this the KILLER PIZZA! I believe that this photo is the simplest looking in this batch, but wait til it actually lands in your mouth…. BOOM!!! OMG! I almost fainted out of pure pleasure! I believe the dough made all the difference. The only rule for this is that, you MUST DEVOUR this as soon as it lands on your table! Best enjoyed while hot!

Dusit Thani Manila Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When In Manila (72 of 88)

half 4 cheese and half Napolitana (450php) I believe his pizzas deserve to be recognized!


Oh before I forget, for maximum pizza eating pleasure, be sure to partner it with your favorite Italian Wine!

Best pizza When In Manila mae ilagan-3


How about you? Do you also know of places which serve kick ass pizzas in Manila? Would love to read your comments below!


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Top 5 Best Pizza Places in Metro Manila