Fitness in Manila – Zumba in High Street

When in Manila and interested in enjoying a new way of keeping fit, why not try Plana Forma. A new and interesting twist on taking care of your fitness in Manila, Plana Forma combines the best practices of pilates, yoga, and dance. The studio responsible for promoting this heart-pumping art held a street demo performance at Bonifacio High Street. With the rain keeping most passers-by under the shade, Plana Forma dancers lived true to the mantra of ‘the show must go on’.





Striking trademark poses.



Fitness in Manila and Nestle Fitnesse


The event, sponsored by Nestle Fitnesse, was a high-energy preview of Nestle Fitnesse’s Shape Up Night on March 31, 2012. Shape Up Night by Nestle Fitnesse will be in the NBC Tent on that date, with registrations opening from 6pm onwards. Zumba will be the ‘main course’ for that up-coming night of fitness in Manila.







Fitness in Manila goes on – rain or shine.



The performers for this exhibition show in BGC High Street were dancers of Plana Forma and they displayed their physical strength and athletic endurance (some of the intense routines lasted for a good few minutes), common enough themes for most sessions of fitness in Manila, but what really sets Plana Forma’s Zumba performance apart was the graceful sense of balance and flexibility it gives its practitioners. Summer is coming up quick so why not try a new mode of fitness in Manila and check out Plana Forma – it builds great cardio while imparting strength, balance, and flexibility as well.



Nestle Fitnesse supports fitness in Manila.



The dancer-athletes after the performance.



If you want to experience a fun way of keeping your health and fitness in Manila, drop by the NBC Tent on March 31, 2012 (Saturday) and go Zumba with Plana Forma.

For more information on Plana Forma, click here.

Fitness in Manila – Zumba in High Street


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