5 Simple Tricks to Slim Down – Start with a Habit!

5 Simple Tricks to Slim Down – Start with a Habit!


Slimming down starts with good habits. Actually, everything is a habit – from waking up early to taking that morning coffee. We may start new habits in-between or decide to take the same usual routine; but really, when it comes to fitness, nothing beats a daily dose of better choices.  


Here are 5 simple tricks to slim down that you can try.


1. Give Brown Rice a Try and Eat Healthier Meals.


Filipinos love rice so much that we feel deprived or still think we’re hungry if we don’t take our rice+ulam combo. However, we don’t actually need to give rice up right away just because we want to trim down. We can choose to eat brown rice instead. 

Brown rice contains fiber that will make you feel full after just eating a little bit of it and it will still give you the energy that you need for the day. Some people say it’s too expensive, but it really isn’t. See, you only need to cook brown rice with 1:3-5 ratio, which means that every cup of brown rice needs 3-5 cups of water in order to be cooked. Since you will get full faster, though, your consumption will be lower in turn. 

                                                Grow Brown rice#BrownRiceByernes Campaign  

WhenInManila.com 5 Simple Tricks to Slim Down

Oh My Gulay Rice from Oh My Gulay Restaurant in Baguio City

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2. Detoxify with Healthier Drinks.


Tea and fruit shake kiosks are sprouting up everywhere. Why not  choose to visit these places from now on? After all, they taste good, feel good and will not hurt the scale. Just make sure they are sugar-free or made with all-natural ingredients. 

WhenInManila.com 5 tricks to slim down

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3. Reward yourself with dark Chocolate.


Studies show that dark chocolate can help get rid of cravings and belly fat. We just need to make sure to choose dark chocolates over their counterparts. The darker, the better – preferably something with 70% cocoa, though. No idea where to get good dark chocolate? Then read this:  https://www.wheninmanila.com/finding-the-freshest-artisanal-chocolates-in-town-magdalenas-cacao-bean-chocolate/


4. Count your calories.


Yes, you can eat rice, drink fruit drinks and eat dark chocolate, but all of that still needs to come in moderation. Generally speaking, too much of anything is bad. So, if you want to slim down, you have to eat less than your daily caloric needs and exercise at the same time.

To count your calories, simply download an app onto your phone or do an estimate in your head of everything that you are consuming. Counting your calories is important to make sure you maintain your weight or lose some. Also, make it a point to looking at the nutrition facts of the packaging of your food.


5. Exercise at Gold’s Gym – Get Stronger.


Become a member of Gold’s Gym. I have tried the place and this is where a gym-newbie can really get comfortable. Members are friendly and the staff members are accomodating. There are lots of cardio classes available late into the night for those who have to work 8-5 shifts, as well. Plus, you can go in to lift weights or do other activities in the gym.

You can also get a Gold’s Gym calendar when you’re there. 

WhenInManila.com 5 Simple Tricks to Slim Down

Believe it or not, seeing and using a fitness calendar can really put you in the mood to work out and reach your goals.

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Gold’s Gym


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For a complete list of branches, visit https://www.goldsgym.com.ph/clubs



 5 Simple Tricks to Slim Down – Start with a Habit!