Gold’s Gym Katipunan Delivers the Ultimate Fitness Experience

Gold’s Gym Katipunan Delivers the Ultimate Fitness Experience


One of the secrets to a happy life is undoubtedly a healthy body. For the wise, working out is not a hobby, fad, or phase – fitness is an essential part of his or her daily lifestyle.

As a long term member of Gold’s Gym, I have grown to realize my goals and find my inner strength as they deliver the ultimate fitness experience.




Gold’s Gym in Katipunan (Quezon City) is by far my favorite branch. Despite having moved quite a distance away from Quezon City, I often find myself braving the commute just to workout in what I consider my home branch (plus, the commute’s a great warmup!). More often than not, there’s always an excuse not to exercise: no time, no energy, no motivation, cramped spaces. Gold’s Gym in Katipunan operates in such a way that all your excuses become nullified. Here’s how:


1. Big, open spaces

Have you ever gone to a gym only to find it cramped, gloomy, dark, and crowded? You will never experience this at Gold’s Gym Katipunan. Enclosed by transparent glass overlooking Katipunan Avenue, the whole area is flooded with light during the day and is well-lit at night. The machines and equipment are properly spaced, ensuring that each member still has his or her own privacy while working out. Whether you’re lifting weights, running the treadmill, or attending one of the classes, you’re sure to feel pumped up throughout your whole workout.




2. Top of the line equipment and exercise machines

I hate it when a gym has outdated, overused, and incomplete equipment. Thankfully, you’ll never have this problem at Gold’s Gym. Equipment in Gold’s is complete for every muscle group, top of the line, and of the highest quality to give only the best results.

I’ve tried working out in other gyms, who carry different lines of equipment and machines, only to get disappointed. Nothing beats the equipment at Gold’s Gym!





3. Complete amenities

Aside from an impressive roster of equipment and machines, Gold’s Gym is also equipped with a boxing area, a spinning studio, and an open floor studio. This makes sure that you have ample space and venue to push your workout to the next level. It also gives a variety to your workout, something that you don’t find in other gyms. Their weights area is also pretty impressive.





3. Awesome programs 

Gold’s Gym also offers a variety of Group Exercise Classes (GGX) which is free for use for all gym members. Gold’s Gym offers different classes from Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates to Core and Body Combat. I have taken many of these classes and I love how each class truly challenges my comfort zones and targets different muscle groups, delivering an impressive workout. There are different classes for different age groups, fitness levels, and paces though the instructor never discriminates. If you’re craving for something new and an extra push in your workout, I highly recommend a GGX class.





For hardcore fitness buffs, I highly recommend the hour-long spinning class held at the gym’s spinning studio throughout the week. Spinning reportedly burns up to 700 calories, which is great for those who are looking for high intensity cardio.


4. Clean facilities 

I’ve visited gyms with moldy walls, dirty floors, and poor showers. Never again. The facilities at Gold’s Gym are in tip top shape, and impeccably clean from floor to ceiling. A locker and shower room is available for use, though members have to bring their own padlocks. Towels can be rented for a small fee.




6. Flexible hours

Say goodbye to your “no time” excuse. Gold’s gym operates until midnight for most of the week, so you’re sure to find an extra hour to squeeze in a quick workout. I love this schedule because it’s very kind to us working professionals who can be susceptible to the dreaded overtime. Gold’s Gym gives us that perfect balance of excelling both in our work and in taking care of our bodies.




7. Inspiring, passionate people

Have you ever gone to a gym to find that your fitness instructor did not embody the establishment values? Or that you seemed to be surrounded by members whose progress levels aren’t going anywhere? Here’s a piece of good news: when you visit Gold’s Gym, prepare to be inspired.




The trainers are physically fit, knowledgable, and highly professional. Should you need any help or advice when it comes to the equipment, you need not worry for you’re in good hands. However, what I love the most is how most of the members are also evidently serious about their progress and their fitness. Everyone is there to work out smart and work out hard. It’s simply inspiring and motivating to be part of such a community.




When In Manila and you’re looking for a gym that truly delivers, look no further than Gold’s Gym. Fitness should be an important aspect of your life, now more than ever. What are you waiting for? No more excuses. Find your inner strength and take your body to the next level with Gold’s Gym.



Gold’s Gym Katipunan

4/F Regis Building

327 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights Quezon City

Contact No: 480-2947

Why Gold’s Gym Katipunan Delivers the Ultimate Fitness Experience