Gold’s Gym Makati: A Place for the Girls, Too!



Gold’s Gym Makati: A Place for the Girls, Too!

When in Manila, few women have bravely stepped into the muddled realm of gym memberships. Apart from health buffs and those with a strong sense of commitment to weight loss, most of us ladyfolk still feel that the gym is an area exclusively for men. This is where Gold’s Gym Makati steps in amidst my preconceived notions. Since I personally enjoy being a guinea pig trying out something new, I subjected myself to a month’s worth of personal exertion, fitness programs, and basically immersing myself in gym culture at Gold’s Gym Makati. In the process, I learned that a regular un-athletic girl can find her place in the gym, after all.


For first-timers who would like to try their hand at improving their fitness routine, Gold’s Gym Makati offers a month-long membership inclusive of use of all equipment and access to group workout classes. On your first meeting, you’ll be oriented with Gold’s Gym Makati’s sprawling three-floor complex, the top floor comprising of a boxing ring and equipment for cardio workouts, and the second floor comprising of most of their weight-lifting and body-building equipment. Located at the first floor is Gold’s Gym’s juice bar, a nice place to meet up for pre/post-workout smoothies. 


Gold’s Gym Makati is definitely a great place to consider if you girls are deciding to invest in a quality gym membership. Their wide range of equipment ensures that you’ll be able to work on building every possible muscle, and that you’ll always have something to do instead of queuing up for other equipment. Gold’s Gym also offer Zumba, Pilates, and other group workout classes for more alternative and fun ways to get fit. What I really like about Gold’s Gym is that all equipment are well-maintained, and that all areas are squeaky clean! You can be sure that overall hygiene is a priority Gold’s Gym, even in the shower areas and locker rooms. No sweaty socks stench anywhere!


With my first encounter at Gold’s Gym Makati, the gym instantly felt a little less intimidating, and a little more welcoming to my 4’11’’ frame. My prejudice was out the door, and I could actually see myself breaking a sweat on rows and rows of treadmills. Another thing I noticed was that there were girls! Quite a number of them! While I witnessed most of them bust a move at Zumba class and running for miles at the cardio machines, there were also some toughing it out at the weight-lifting department. That definitely leveled the playing field for me, and the gym finally felt like a place where males and females can coexist in peace.


So for all those girls who’d settle for nothing but the gold standard in personal fitness When in Manila, check out Gold’s Gym Makati for yourself and get started on that journey to your most fit self yet!


Gold’s Gym Makati


 Glorietta 3, Makati

Mon – Sat: 06:00 – 00:00
Sun: 06:00 – 09:00
Contact Number: (02) 384-5897, (02) 383-7183
Twitter: @GoldsGymPH

Gold’s Gym Makati: A Place for the Girls, Too!