Eat Brown (Brown Rice Campaign Blogger’s Night)



September 10, 2013,, OXFAM Philippines and Sev’s Cafe hosted the Second Brown Rice Campaign Bloggers night – Tuesdate with the Good food. The gathering aims to provide awareness and to spread sustainable acts on the Philippines’ Rice consumption and Environmental concerns. Currently, we are experiencing floods, calamities and the undeniable hunger and malnutrition brought about by poverty. 




What can you and I help?

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I #ReduceFoodWaste 

I #SaveWater



I #EatBrownRice


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Where to start? 


I #EatBrownRice

We can be part of the solution. It is as simple as giving Brown Rice a try and later on including it in our diet. As for myself, discovering brown rice was a coincidence. I wanted to stay fit and limit my rice consumption.  As for the taste, Brown Rice tasted like corn. I was full on the first cup and I felt more energetic. I decided to shift for good.  I also have a trick to add more water when cooking depending on the texture you want to achieve. You may go as high as one cup of Brown Rice is to three-five cups of water. This will vary on your preference and you can play with it from a little more chewy to a smoother texture.  With that you don’t only benefit yourself by taking the healthier option, but you also help the community as a whole. 



The Grow Challenge 2