After A Month of Doing Bikram Yoga in Bikram Yoga Manila QC Branch


Last month, I wrote an article about Bikram Yoga Manila ( describing my experience as I tried it for the very first time in the Bikram Yoga Manila Tomas Morato Branch in Quezon City. It was one of the most fulfilling things I had to do, especially because I was able to accomplish about ten sessions, and now, exactly a month after doing bikram yoga, I can honestly say that I noticed all the positive changes and effects it had on my body.


As I’ve mentioned before, bikram yoga is yoga done inside a heated room where you do a series of 26 poses that helps improve blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the muscles, and detoxifies the body at the same time. My first couple of sessions was a bit more difficult, as it made me realize how weak my leg muscles were. In fact, I could barely balance on one foot! However, as each session progressed, the shaking of my legs decreased and during my last session, I was able to execute all the poses without having such a hard time. It definitely strengthened my muscles, most especially in my legs and thighs. Bikram yoga also helped me with my breathing. As an ultimate frisbee player, I do a lot of running that causes me to be out of breath. Bikram taught me how important regulating your breathing is, so that it doesn’t send your body into fight-or-flight mode. Breathing relaxes the system therefore it enables you to really perform the poses better.


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Because it’s an hour and thirty minutes of time dedicated to yourself, bikram is a good and healthy way not just to detoxify physically but also to de-stress yourself from the strains of school and/or work. My favorite benefit of all is that I noticed how much my skin improved. It was definitely worth going and being able to do all 26 poses even though my first few tries were tough at Bikram Yoga Manila.


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With Bikram Yoga Manila instructor, Lorrie Bendicion


When in Manila, your body deserves to be pampered and detoxified so that you’ll feel healthier and look better! Enroll in Bikram Yoga Manila, and see for yourself all the positive changes it can do.


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