Why the Sony PlayStation Has Always Been My Video Game Console of Choice

When in Manila, video game consoles are hard to ignore, especially with the different features that each one has to offer nowadays. However, there is only one that has truly held my heart for the past 15 years: the Sony PlayStation.




The Sony PlayStation




Despite the many games that I played on handheld game consoles back in the day, nothing beats the Sony PlayStation. I still remember the day when my sister brought our first one home in 1997. It came with the following games: Tekken 2 and Final Fantasy VII – two video games that changed my life and the way that I looked at video games, in general.







Do you still remember the very first Sony PlayStation game console?



Photo taken from Stereophile.




Video games were all about cutesy characters and a mere means to pass the time… until I met the characters in these Sony PlayStation games, that is. For the first time in my life, video game characters started to hold a special meaning for me, and my gaming life suddenly felt like it had a purpose. For the first time in my life, I also didn’t want to stop playing and I fell in love not just with the games, but with the characters in them.




Because of Sony PlayStation‘s Tekken 2, I wasn’t just fighting other characters to beat my siblings in a video game; I was fighting to find out more about the characters’ lives and to help regain Mishima Zaibatsu and save it from corruption.




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Photo taken from Destructoid.




Because of Sony PlayStation‘s Final Fantasy VII, I immersed myself more into, well, reality. My childhood was fairly simple, but after playing this video game, I realized what could happen to our world if we don’t take better care of it. I started to see how other people were living and I started to care about other people, in general.




Believe it or not, Sony Playstation‘s Final Fantasy VII is what changed my entire outlook in life and turned the selfish and spoiled child that I was into a better human being (or so I’d like to believe, anyway :p).






Photo taken from Games Radar.




Not a lot of people notice or believe this, but video games can really shape a child’s mind and the things that they see in it can appear in the lifestyle that they eventually lead as an adult. I am living proof of this and I have Sony PlayStation to thank for many of the positive values that have been instilled in me during my childhood.




This is one of the reasons why I haven’t owned any other video game console since 1997. When the Sony PlayStation 2 came out, I was one of the first to own one. The same goes for the Sony PlayStation 3. And I can easily say that the same will go for when the Sony PlayStation 4 comes out. I was a Sony PlayStation child in 1997, and I am a Sony PlayStation “child” to this day.




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I started my daughter off on becoming a Sony PlayStation child at a young age, as well. 🙂




How about you? Are you a Sony PlayStation child, too? How did it shape your life and how does it continue to shape your life When in Manila? Do share! 🙂