A Step-by-Step Guide to Having a Perfect Staycation

Step 4: Unwind and relax with a few cocktails.

Sky High Bar 1

Sky High Bar is one of Metro Manila’s hidden rooftop bars that gives you a 360-degree view of the metro.  Sky High Bar has two floors with the upper floor giving view a great view and a cool breeze. The outside seats and sofas on the lower floor give you a more relaxing vibe as you hang out with your friends. You can enjoy a few drinks and grab some finger foods as you unwind and relax.

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Sky High Bar 4

Step 5: Enjoy a buffet meal.

Ace Hotel and Suites serves a glorious breakfast buffet, which serves a Filipino breakfast (fried rice with various viand choices), bread, cereals, bacon, sausages, noodles, congee, salad station, and egg stations. Yum! The buffet starts at 6 AM and ends at 10 AM. For dessert, you can choose among the fresh fruits that they serve. For drinks, you can choose between infused water and fresh-tasting coffee and tea.

We also tried Ace Coffee Lounge’s buffet lunch and we were in awe by its wide variety of food selections. From Filipino to Japanese to American, name it and Ace Coffee Lounge has it! Ace Coffee Lounge is divided into two sections: one for the ala carte menu and one for the buffet, but since we were on a staycation, we decided that it would be best to splurge on the buffet!

The Ace Coffee Lounge is located at the lobby of Ace Hotel and Suites where you can also get a sneak peek of what’s inside the water spa.

Ace Water Spa 8,1

While the restaurant is named Ace Coffee Lounge, don’t think that the place is simply a coffee shop serving your regular cup of coffee and some pastries. In fact, its operating hours extend from breakfast to late dinner.

Ace Water Spa 9.1

Ace Water Spa 10.1

Our favorite would have to be the Grill Station where you can ask the chef to grill your choice of meat or seafood, and the Shabu-Shabu station where you can choose from all kind of ingredients imaginable.

Step 6: Sing your hearts out.

Ace Water Spa 14

Ace Water Spa 15

Who would have thought that Ace Hotel and Suites also offers high-end karaoke rooms with comfortable seating, plenty of space and a great karaoke setup? We all know how much Filipinos love karaoke. So, if you’re staying at Ace Hotel and Suites or are just dropping by, you might want to try the KTV rooms located at the 6th floor and sing to your heart’s content for as low as Php500 an hour for a maximum of 10 people.

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Be it the restaurants, rooftop bar, the formal dining, the water spa, the KTV, or the shops within, Ace Hotel and Suites offers anything and everything under the sun. You literally don’t have to get out of the hotel just to have fun and find something to do somewhere else! Great combo, if you ask me!

Ace Hotel and Suites

Brixton Street, near Pioneer, United St, Pasig

628 1888 loc 5214