15 All-Time Favorite Karaoke Hits Pinoys Love To Sing

How can you tell when you’ve entered a Pinoy home, wherever part of the globe you may be?? The answer is of course, if you spot a karaoke machine! Pinoys LOVE karaoke so much that we forget it’s a Japanese invention… there is always bound to be someone singing their heart out at the local carinderia or pansitan at every corner!!

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Whatever the occasion, karaoke is EVERYWHERE– from birthdays, weddings, fiestas, baptisms– heck, even funerals… there’s always a karaoke machine that is NOT left unused. As the Pinoys’ official pastime, there are always those staples that you hear every time someone enters a song into the machine. We give you 15 all-time favorite karaoke hits Pinoys love to sing! Kantahan na!

15 All-Time Favorite Karaoke Hits Pinoys Love To Sing

15. Narda – Kamikazee

This OPM rock favorite catapulted the band Kamikazee to superstardom, released just at the height of the GMA-7 fantasy series Darna that starred Angel Locsin. Whether you loved imitating Jay’s energetic performance every time he hit the chorus, or for its supposed double entendre (Sa likod ng mga tala… kahit sulyap lang, Darna… think about it, where were the stars located on her costume? Hint, hint!), this hit song was really, really catchy. Bonus points on the karaoke if you played air guitar to the song’s intro!

14. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Perhaps the only song from the past year to make it on the list, Ed Sheeran’s mega hit Thinking Out Loud has been overplayed SO MUCH that it can basically replace the country’s national anthem. Really, people sing “Baby, we found love… right where we are!!” with much more gusto than they do Lupang Hinirang these days.

But I guess it really shouldn’t be so surprising why this song is such a hit, as it speaks to the Pinoy’s romantic nature. And if there’s a song everyone loves, it’s a senti ballad that makes every single person fall in love.

13. Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

Ah, Bon Jovi. What will the world do without your head-banging rock anthems and impressively high range?

You’ve seen those middle-aged men bobbing their heads along, karaoke mic in hand like there’s no tomorrow, while trying to hit that climactic “WHOAAA! Livin’ on a prayer!” part in the chorus. Perhaps there’s some gratification whenever they are able to hit the notes like the 80’s rock legend. And if they don’t? There’s that saying, try and try until you die  get it right.

12. Without You – Mariah Carey

Because what is a karaoke list without the diva, Miz Mariah? Among all the memorable songs she and her 5-octave range have bestowed upon this earth, it’s the pining song “Without You” that’s one of the most-played on the karaoke machine. (Remember that hilarious Ken Lee rendition on the Bulgarian Music Idol show?) And of course, there’s also that transition from low and slow, to high that every aspiring diva aims to nail.

11. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

At number 11 is another powerhouse, the legend Whitney Houston. Need we mention that the karaoke is also the training ground for every singing contest aspirant? With that said, the difficult song is best left to the likes of Charice Pempengco and others with similar skill, lest you earn the ire of anyone who is within earshot.

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