A Step-by-Step Guide to Having a Perfect Staycation

When you’re feeling stressed, but you don’t have the luxury of time (and/or funds) to go out of town or out of the country for a vacation, vacationing in your own city is your best bet! If you have no idea where to go and what to do on your next staycation, here is a guide that might be able to help:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Having a Perfect Staycation

Step 1: Check in at your hotel of choice.

Allot a few nights or a weekend away from home and choose a hotel in a cool part of the metro. My latest staycation hotel of choice was none other than Ace Hotel and Suites.

Ace Water 4.1

Ace Hotel and Suites is excellent. All the staff members are very helpful and cordial. The room is clean and cozy with a comfortable bed, a flat screen cable TV with tons of channels to choose from, and complimentary coffee, tea and bottled water.

Ace Water 16.1

My room had a breathtaking view of the city! I particularly loved the full window where I could see the beauty of the city lights at night!

Ace Water Spa 6.1

The suite has a mini kitchen with a mini refrigerator, a microwave oven, and an induction cooker complete with cooking utensils like pots, pans, spatula, tongs, etc.

As an added bonus, the location of Ace Hotel and Suites also has a lot to offer if you want to dine out and try out the eating places in Kapitolyo and the Capital Commons. From coffee shops, bars, Japanese restaurants, and fast food chains to grocery stores, everything is within walking distance or just a short ride away from the hotel. There’s also a convenience store around the hotel, as well as a shopping mall nearby.

Step 2: Schedule a special spa day.

Ace Water Spa is basically a household name for spa lovers. For me, Ace Water Spa’s charm mainly comes from the consistency in the pressure of their massages, which you sometimes don’t get from manual hand massages. For instance, a masseuse that usually gives you hard massages may not be as strong the next time you visit because they are already tired.

Ace Water Spa 7.1

Ace Water Spa specializes in hydrotherapy massages and offers every kind of sprinkler, bubble, jetstream and rainfall, all of which are impressively engineered and scientifically designed to achieve the desired effect on a tired body. With one push of a button, you can get massages categorized as soft, moderate and hard.

Ace Water 1

Tip: Make sure not to watch any movies afterwards because you will fall asleep out of relaxation, no matter how exciting it is.

Each facility has a label and a description of what specific area of the body it targets. There are different kinds of jacuzzis for the neck, legs, back, front, butt and sides of the body.

Ace Water 2

Ace Water Spa also has a swimming pool with six lanes. There’s even a lazy river, which you can enjoy with your kids. As soon as you enter the pool area, you will be required to wear a swimming cap. Ace Water Spa is very strict with swimwear, so you should wear spandex swimsuits. Board shorts are not allowed.

Ace Water 3

On the other side of the water spa, you can take your time alternating your hot soaks in four herbal pools with the freezing dips at the cold pool. This is recommended to improve the immune system. Ace Water Spa offers sauna and steam rooms to relax your weary and aching body, too.

After trying everything that the water spa has to offer, my back felt relieved, my hips finally alleviated from the pressure, and my legs were eased from pain.

You are allotted 4 hours when you enter Ace Water Spa, but believe me, that’s more than enough time to relax. Personal lockers are provided for free.

Step 3: Enjoy a date night.

Located at the 8th floor of Ace Hotel and Suites, Sky Garden Steakhouse serves a breakfast buffet in the morning. At night, the place transforms into the perfect date place.

Ace Water Spa 13.1

Ace Water Spa 12.1

Sky Garden Steakhouse is not just for guests, either! So, whether you’re checked in at the hotel or not, you can enjoy the eight-course meal of Sky Garden Steakhouse for as low as Php1299. There are ala carte choices, too! So, yes, it’s a hotel, but its doors are open to hotel guests and visitors alike: perfect for every staycationer!

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