Pamper Yourself at Coco Nail Studio

When in Manila got pampered at this chic and new nail salon down south!

DSC_0611Coco Nail Studio

Located at the 2nd floor of  Don Gesu Bldg., Alabang Hills is the dainty, french-inspired Coco Nail Studio.


The scent of pink grapefruit greeted me as I opened the door to their studio. (I felt relaxed already!)


Posh and Dainty!

Posh and dainty were the words that came into my mind as I entered Coco Nail Studio. They offer signature treatments both for women and men.

DSC_0530Nail Packages/Services

They offer and specialize in nail pampering. But they will also be offering wax services in a few weeks time wherein they will use their own natural, hot, honey wax.


Wax Services…SOON!

My friend Kat and I got treated to an afternoon of pampering and relaxation as the owner Ms.Gigi made us try their Coco Spa (plus Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish) and Coco Luxe treatments.


My friend Kat filling up our info sheets

After we filled up our info sheets, we were both handed a small card with their wifi password. 


WIFI Passwords

One of the things I love about this studio is that they have a play area for kids. They also offer treatments for the little girls!


 Play Area


Play/Treatment Area for Kids!

They also sell “quote” pillows which they make and design themselves. 


“Quote” Pillows for sale!

We can’t wait to get pampered!


Stylish and comfortable seats

First, they let us choose our preferred polish colors.


So many choices! 

They offer different types of polishes. From Zoya to Chanel! 


They also offer the largest selection of Chanel colors! WOW!


After we’ve decided on our nail polish color, our hands and feet were soaked in Green Tea Water and we had a very relaxing Sea-Salt scrub exfoliation and a massage!


GIrls just wanna have fun!


 Sea-Salt Scrub and Massage




While we are having our treatments, Ms.Gigi offered us some snacks.


French Macaroons and Iced Tea

Yes, they offer snacks to all their customers and they are quiet addicting!(;


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