Pamper Yourself at Coco Nail Studio

After we munched down on our snacks and the very relaxing massage, it is time for us to get our nails colored!

I got to try the famous Chanel polish and my friend had the chance to experience the Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish. Gel Polish lasts longer than ordinary polish and the treatment takes more time.


Chanel Polish



Gel Polish Treatment:


Gel Polish procedure

Kat’s hands and feet went 3X under this UV light! 



Lovin’ my Chanel-ed nails!(;


After I got my hands and feet polished, I had the chance to try their Paraffin Treatment!

I was a bit hesitant at first, but the Ate who assisted me assured me that the procedure is “safe” and doesn’t hurt.

DSC_0575Paraffin Treatment

True enough! It didn’t hurt one bit! I just felt like my hands and feet were turned into a candle!

The Ate was kind and careful enough to ask me if I can take the heat of the wax before dipping my entire hand/foot in it.




DSC_0581All wrapped up for around 15-20 mins.!

After 15-20 mins. they removed the towel and plastic which covered my hands and feet…











Feels so soft and clean! The paraffin really softened my hands and I noticed that it also helped moisture them (as I really have dry hands).


All in all it was a very fun and relaxing day at Coco Nail Studio! We felt like princesses all throughout our stay!



If you want to feel like a princess for day head on over to Coco Nail Studio and try out their signature treatments and I’m sure you’ll come back for more!


Coco Nail Studio (facebook)

You can also email them at: coconailstudio@rocketmail.com and ask for their Spa Party Packages. They offer services in and out of their studio (both for young and adults) for your special events!




If you’re up north, you might want to check out: https://www.wheninmanila.com/pink-me-up-beauty-nail-and-dry-bar-most-glamorous-nail-salon-in-metro-manila/



Pamper Yourself at Coco Nail Studio