New Bar Alert! Means Great New Food Too! Best of Both Worlds at TUNNL

When In Manila, there is a new bar that not only ignites your love for music, good drinks, but also sparks your tastebuds for some awesome food too.  Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds in one place?


The place is named TUNNL and coining #MeetMeAtTheTUNNL definitely has the deep mysterious allure to it.  What is it in a tunnel that makes you want to go in?  It can be stoned interiors that give it that raw appeal of actually stepping into a place where you don’t know what to expect.


Or a dining area that opens up in the end with artsy graffiti that tells you’ve got good music right here.  Turns into a party place at night.


You got the mood, the drinks, the music. And how about the food?  We’ve tried some of the dishes TUNNL had to offer and here are the ones that can make you see the light at the end of it all.

The Angus Ribeye Steak is 200g of USDA beef with 2 sides.  Just the right amount of tenderness, meatiness, saltiness.  And hey, who could say no to steak like this when you’re out on a bar like TUNNL. (Php 990)


The Chili Con Carne (Php 385) can definitely satisfy your mexican cuisine craving.


As well as the Steak Soft Tacos (Php 370) which tasted just right.


Think of having it with some of these drinks too! TUNNL speciality liquors & spirits range from scotch whisky, single malts, bourbon & taiwanese whiskeys, cognac, vodka, tequila, gin, brandy, rum & liqueurs. The list just goes on with A LOT to choose from.



Get all that with the TUNNL Burger which is some pretty mean beef with mushroom ragout, bacon, roasted garlic aioli, mozarella & parmesan and you’re all set for a great night ahead (Php 450).


The Margherita Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup (Php 370) was also one of my favorites because it just felt so light.  I love tomato and the way the soup made was just refreshing, plus it was a good match to the grilled cheese sandwich with the oozing mozarella cheese. Super perfect together.


Now my friend ordered the Salmon Ceviche (Ph 350) and it was definitely a good one.  I like anything seafood and the way of making ceviche – cured with citrus & other juices & spices makes perfect for a pulutan.  The container was a good twist to it too.


Carne Asada Nachos (Php 395) puts a twist to nachos with its marinated meat cuts instead of the usual ground beef.  Also great with the drinks.


TUNNL has got street beats, Taco Tuesdays with DJs going into the 1990’s & early 2000 hits as well as latin & regaeton.  Its a great way to jumpstart your weekend festivities (or weekdays with #FuckMonday), or get a good mid-week winddown.  They also just had a SWIPE RIGHT tinder traffic light party recently which goes to show a lot can happen in the TUNNL.

Yes TUNNL is a bar, but food is never just an afterthought.

When In Manila, the finest of Manila night life can be found in the TUNNL.  Shall I meet you there?


Click the videos below to have a taste of it!



2230 UPRC 1 Building, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, 1231 Makati, Philippines

0927 783 7038

Facebook :

Instagram : TUNNL

Open : Mon – Sat. 4pm – 5am

In another area of the metro not so far away is one more reason to get tipsy, at The Tipsy Pig. Read all about that here.


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