7 Delicious Reasons To Keep Coming Back to Tipsy Pig The Fort



When In Manila, the true mark of a great restaurant is that it continuously offers new dishes that will make both new and old customers keep checking out the place.  Just when we thought Tipsy Pig Fort has given us a amazing lineup of dishes already (Sisg Tacos, Beer Can Chicken, Crispy Belly Pizza, The Tipsy Burger, to name a few) it surprises us again with these damn-delectable new dishes that’ll make you start changing your dinner plans and point back to Tipsy Pig Fort.


(7).  Crispy River Prawn with Salted Egg Batter – Php 480

What makes a dish hard to resist? Its the juiciness of deep fried prawns and the ingenious use of salted egg batter and salted egg salad to give that perfect crunch and flavor.  This is just one of the barchows and its my favorite already! I swear its the salted egg that gives the delectable twist.



(6).  Crunchy Chicken Tacos – Php 280

There are so many reasons to drool over chicken skin, and Tipsy Pig just made it ready for our palettes in this yummy mix of shredded chicken barbeque topped with the all-time favorite chicken skin. The barbeque sauce and sour cream finished off the dish very well.



(5).  Bollywood Delight – Php 380

For those who want to taste something not so Pinoy, the Bollywood Delight will give you just that.  Its marinated chicken Tandoori spices served with a refreshing mint & garlic sauce with a side of pita bread.  Our friends who have traveled the world & tasted other countries really liked this one.



(4).  The Yellow Submarine – Php 550

Who loves cheese? I do!  You do too?!! Come on, then you gotta try this one of kind burger that literally swims in HOT CHEESY sauce with bacon bits and caramelized onion.  C’mon we know you want to sink your teeth into this! And you get a choice of Crispy Fries or Potato Wedges.  Cheeselovers, this is the stuff that’s meant to be lived on!


(3).  Crispy Pork Belly Roast  – Php 430

Lechon Kawali would probably be the most common Filipino favorite food ordered in restaurants in Manila.  But this time Tipsy Pig comes out with their take of this Filipino favorite.  Roasted to perfection and served on top of labanus salad with spicy hoisin sauce.  Good for 2. Sounds comfort food to me!



(2).  Pulling Me Crispy – Php 430 (good for 2-3)

There’s something special about yin & yang, about opposites that bring in balance. Much like the soft texture of pulled Pork Lechon vs some crispy Lechon Belly. This dish is served with French beans, white rice and of course, lechon sauce!  Pulled pork is a method of cooking where meat is cooked slowly at low temperatures, allowing the meat to become tender enough so that it can be “pulled”, or easily broken into individual pieces.  Match that with the crispiness of lechon belly and you’re off to an adventure right on your plate.



(1). All American Roast Beef – Php 550

A dish worth waiting for is this US Prime Beef Belly roasted and drenched in homemade gravy served with creamy mashed potatoes.  Soft, tender, tasty and the mashed potatoes are divine!



We came in around 7pm at the Tipsy Pig Fort and seeing it filled with diners gave me an idea that the food here must be great.  After a long day at work, through all that traffic, sometimes all you want is a good place to unwind.  And Tipsy Pig Fort definitely didn’t disappoint us.

As we got a little carried away talking with our friends about anything under the sun (or moon) with great food in front of us, we didnt notice that the place transformed from dining ambiance to a drinking one as the night pressed on.  A little change in the lighting, and what was shown on the TV screens all around was just subtle enough to make you want to order drinks to cap off your day perfectly.

When In Manila, there’s a reason to be happily tipsy with food & more at the Tipsy Pig, Fort. 




Tipsy Pig

Forbes Town Road, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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