Yoga Camp at Cintai Corito’s Garden: A weekend of Wellness and Stretching Limbs

Toxic days are pretty abundant WhenInManila. Due to various instances, such as traffic and pollution, sometimes you’ll feel that you need to be somewhere else once in a while to recuperate from the straining scenes in the city. Glad, I was able to pull it off and found time in the middle of my packed schedule to relax and unwind. Packed my things, bought a bus ticket, and travel from Manila to Batangas for a weekend of wellness and stretching limbs!

I attended the first ever yoga camp organized by Our Wellness Avenue. It was held in the breathtaking, Balinese-inspired resort in Batangas, Cintain Corito’s Garden.

602395_369360103165799_829652757_nYoga Camp by Cintai Corito and Our Wellness Avenue

Y     O     G     A           C     A     M    P

It was my first time to be in a yoga camp, though I have been attending yoga classes for quite some time. Our Wellness Avenue gave us a list of activities during our two-day camp. I was very much overwhelmed when I found out that we will be having  different yoga practices each day and will be taking a special diet all throughout the camp to achieve a total wellness experience. But I took the challenge and finished the camp renewed and happy.

When we arrive at Cintai  Corito’s Garden, we were welcomed by the warm members of Our Wellness Avenue. We received refreshing welcome drinks, a great mark to start a wonderful and packed camp! Our kits for the entire two-days was also handed to us, which includes guide and our camp bracelets.


A two-hour travel from Manila to Batangas is something I was able to enjoy with my sister. It was the first time also to take a bus for an out of town trip. Yay!

Fotor060120848Refreshing Coconut Juice to start off this wonderful yoga camp

Fotor060120716and our camper’s bracelet

As soon as we finished our registration activities, we were lead by the butlers to our stunning villa. Couldn’t contain the excitement when I saw where we were staying. Everything about the venue was enthralling and picture-perfect. The two-hour travel from Manila to Batangas was all worth it!

1wheninmanila-yogacampcintaicoritoOur beautiful Villa…

Before the orientation about the camp started, all the campers was given a time to rest. So I took the opportunity to relax in our room and steal a nap before the challenges begin!

4wheninmanila-yogacampcintaicoritoThe comfort of our bed was worth the long trip… 

Our first activity for the day was Vinyasa yoga. It was held in one of the gazebos of the resort. It was a relaxing session with the beautiful view of greens and feeling the cold breeze kissing my skin and drying out the sweat all over my body. We performed various kind of stretches that made us sweat all throughout the session. After the exercises, I felt all the tensions in my body. But it was a good kind of pain. After the Vinyasa yoga in the afternoon, we also had few stretches before dinner.

923068_367296590038817_1288832802_nVinyasa Yoga for my first Yoga session at the Yoga camp. Intense!

575352_367292576705885_1273908086_nThis is my favorite part of every practice. This is how cool is cooling down in doing yoga. I sometimes get to fall asleep whenever I do this…

9wheninmanila-yogacampcintaicoritoKids were able to enjoy yoga sessions too

On our second day, even if my body was almost glued on the bed because of the first day’s pain, I knew I didn’t want to miss our morning class. So, I put my workout clothes on and proceed to the venue.  We had the perfect spot for the session, because when we were about to finish all the stretches, the sun rose before us. It seemed like the sunshine was congratulating us for finishing the entire class. It was a magnificent view and wonderful moment. All the campers who participated was in awe of the scene.


14wheninmanila-yogacampcintaicoritoIt was an astonishing moment. Doing my fire breathing as a core exercise and stretching each muscles right before the rising sun. That was my favourite I think. 

What is wellness without consuming proper food and drinks? To educate us about the importance of fruits and vegetables in our diet, they organized a juicing session. It was led by Marie Gonzales,the founder of Kitchen Revolution. She shared to us the step by step process of juicing. She also taught us which fruits and vegetables can be combined in making delicious and healthy juice.


yogacamp1Juicing Time with Marie Gonzales of Kitchen Revolution

At the yoga camp, we were not just thought of yoga poses but also on how to incorporate fruits and vegetables to our diet for a total wellness. 

12wheninmanila-yogacampcintaicoritoHealthy juices made with fresh fruits and some greens!

We had another yoga session in the afternoon, which was also the last. The session is called yogilates, which I’m familiar with because I took yogilates class for two months. This is was my favorite session as I was able to follow almost all the stretches, unlike the other classes. I had fun and released a pail of sweat.

400381_369366556498487_1013996778_nYogilates with our instructor Z Villarin

I had an amazing time taking all the sessions and performing all the stretches during the entire 2-day camp. If someone will ask me which workout I prefer to do, with no hesitation, I will always answer yoga. It is not only a workout for me but yoga sessions absolutely help me to relax and recover.I definitely enjoy the whole camp.


I would love to say that the whole camp wouldn’t be as enjoyable or as relaxing if it weren’t done close to nature, and  Cintai Corito’s Garden was a perfect place to be—to meditate and to relax. It’s Balinese-inspired surroundings made me feel I was on an EAT.PRAY.LOVE journey.


My favorite part of Cintai Corito is their chlorine-free pool. They have four pools by the way, surrounded by so much greens…


Fotor060922916Animals are also pretty much everywhere.  

At Cintai Corito’s Garden, you’ll find amazing monuments with intricate carvings. According to the management, all the carvings is made by a local artist from Boracay. It was just so amazing!




Fotor060922310I enjoyed walking around, itt was fun and relaxing….

During the camp, we are able to meet a lot of people who have different stories and reasons why they decided to join the camp. Everyone was so warm and friendly. I’ve been exchanging smiles with the other campers.

429947_10200666225870804_1238831588_nVilla 8 people: Marie, Len, Boo, Liz and yours truly in front of Cintai’s famous gate… (photo from Liz Yap)

972367_10200666226910830_1919377458_nSweet day with our yoga poses (Photo from Liz Yap)

960200_369368363164973_2090174182_nThe Campers

So WhenInManila, try to find time to escape, its not bad after all, for your mind and body’s wellness. I assure you, you’ll be more efficient. Try to keep your balance by knowing what your core needs.





Balete, Batangas


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