White Rabbit Candy Is Now A Milk Drink And Our Nostalgic Hearts Are Too Happy

2019 has been good proof that nostalgia sells, with an array of White Rabbit-flavored items available for those with the sweetest of tooths.

From White Rabbit ice cream to White Rabbit milk tea, there has been no shortage of candy-inspired desserts. The newest offering that’s just come out is White Rabbit Candy Milk — which is a little redundant since the candy is already milk-flavored itself.

white rabbit candy milk

Image from TMall

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Any true 90’s kid will remember the time that this childhood favorite was advertised with the slogan: “Seven White Rabbit candies is equivalent to one cup of milk.” It looks like that statement may now be getting tested out. Although the drink itself makes no promises, classifying itself as a ‘milk blend’ rather than milk itself.

white rabbit candy milk 1

Image from TMall

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However, for anyone already excited to get their hands on the sugary drink: it is currently only being sold in China. It is available for shipping but at a steep cost of nearly Php 7,000. Anyone interested enough is suggested to pick up a carton during a visit, instead.

Would you try this White Rabbit Candy Milk? Let us know why or why not!