White Rabbit ice cream is real and you can get it in Manila

Remember that white, log-shaped candy our relatives never seemed to stop handing out when we were kids? It was creamy and wrapped in rice paper that melted on your tongue which, let’s be honest, was half the fun of having it in the first place. Well, that piece of childhood nostalgia is now an ice cream flavor.


The trend seems to have been started by a Los Angeles based ice cream shop, Wanderlust Creamery. They became viral back at the beginning of February when they released the White Rabbit flavor special for the Lunar New Year. This might be what inspired Black Scoop Cafe here in Manila to create their own version!

Black Scoop Cafe recently announced the arrival of their own White Rabbit soft-serve ice cream on their Instagram.

They teased that the flavor would be available ‘next week’ so that would be anywhere from March 4-9.


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It’s still unclear if the flavor will be available in all their branches immediately, but based on the comments on their Instagram post it seems like we’ll have to wait for a full roll-out. Their main branch can be found in Maginhawa (Teacher’s Village), Quezon City.

What other nostalgic flavors would you like to try as ice cream?