Pokémon Milk Tea Actually Exists And We Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

We’ve seen people go crazy over White Rabbit bubble tea, boba hot pot, and even milk tea with edible cherry blossoms, so it was really only a matter of time before the next milk tea fad took advantage of our childhood favorites. It’s now finally happening with an official Pokémon bubble tea line in Japan!

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The Pokémon Company plans to release their special Pokémon drinks this July 17 and will have them available until the end of September at Sweet Dynasty restaurants. The collaboration is called “Pokémon Meets Sweet Dynasty Hong Kong Bubble Tea Drink Bar” and it’s not just any old milk tea flavors poured inside a Pokémon-themed cup.

pokemon milk tea 1

Photos from Sweet Dynasty

All of the drinks make use of original recipes customized to match each respective Pokemon’s color scheme. The more traditional flavors come in the form of Eevee Milk Bubble Tea and Bulbasaur Matcha Bubble Tea. There are also fun fruit smoothies like Pikachu Bubble Mango Smoothie Bubble Tea and Mew Watermelon Smoothie Bubble Tea.

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pokemon milk tea 2

Photos from Sweet Dynasty

Always one to up the game, Japan is even offering sparkling soda flavors such as Plenty of Pikachu Melon Soda Bubble Tea and Plenty of Pikachu Rainbow Soda Bubble Tea!

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Such refreshing drinks are said to be just in time for summer in the land of the rising sun. Hopefully, they think about bringing them all over Asia (and the Philippines in particular) soon!

What would you do to get your hands on one of these?