LOOK: This Milk Tea Place Serves Drinks With Edible Cherry Blossoms!

Words by Marielle Balmores

Photos by Vivien del Valle

If you think about it, buying milk tea is a great way to bond with friends, chatting over your excitement whilst waiting in line. Then once you claim your orders, the first sip is always soothing. The sweetness that sticks to your tongue and lips always leaves a smile on your face. Personally, I’m pretty picky with my milk tea choices because I always make sure that it’s worth the price and its taste gives a strong impact. Luckily, Sakura Hanami stood out a lot for me.

Sakura Hanami is a newly opened tea place that emphasizes the tradition of visiting Japan during the cherry blossom season. The owners wanted to bring a bit of that in Manila, thus the place and some of their drinks are filled with pink flowers! I went to their first branch along Maginhawa last weekend, and even just entering their small space made me feel cozy and amazed by their ambiance. Varying neon lights portrayed different messages and pictures alongside different shades of pink flowers, their interior design appealed very much to me.

The staff was very friendly and whenever I had questions or needed help, they were there swiftly. Even when I was asking for their specialties, which is what I always do whenever I order in a new place, their opinions didn’t seem forced. It felt genuine and from the heart. Here are some of their must-try drinks that you can’t miss out on!

A super must try here is definitely the Lava Pearl Latte. Just the visuals itself are as striking as its taste! The milk and syrup mixed together with pearls make you sip for more.

Another go-to is Matcha Milk Tea. If you are a matcha enthusiast like me, you will be satisfied! Pearls and matcha are always a good combo, and not only does it fulfill your stomach, but your heart too.

As much as I love milk tea, my personal favorite here has to be the Cherry Blossom Fizz. From the name, it is a soda beverage that infused imported cherry blossoms, giving it more color. It has a calm, sweeter taste as compared to most fizzy sodas.

They also offer a hot counterpart: the Traditional Cherry Blossom Hot Tea, if you want to feel cozy since the rainy season is here. So worth it!

Overall, Sakura Hanami is very promising as there are still so many drinks and even food to look out for! The ambiance of the place is very relaxing, not to mention that it’s Instagram-worthy. A lot of their drinks were originals from the mind of one of the owners, who was a former culinary student. As for their cup sizing, they’re worth their price range, especially since the XL size cup is reusable! Incorporating edible flowers as the main ingredient was interesting and amazing, so it’s a definite yes for me to go back with my friends.

If this captivates you enough, then pass by Sakura Hanami when you can! They’re open from 10 am until midnight. The neon lights and delicious drinks are waiting for you.

Sakura Hanami

168 Maginhawa St, Diliman, Quezon City

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sakurahanamiph/

Which drink do you want to order? Let us know!


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