You can now live your weeaboo dreams with this Pokemon wedding

Do you ever just fall down the digital rabbit hole and end up watching those cheesy Wedding videos on Youtube and think: “How am I going to top that?” Well, Japan has come to the rescue and given us a solution before we even really had a problem. A Japanese wedding planning company is now offering a full-on Pokemon theme for their weddings.

This company has locations all over Japan, from Tokyo to Okinawa, and they will all be providing the Pokemon package. One example of a chapel is below. Can you just imagine this place decked out in Pokemon decor?

Pokemon Wedding 1

While DIY Pokemon weddings have certainly been done before this seems to be the first licensed Pokemon wedding package. And it shows in how legit the set up looks! There may not have been any samples released yet for the actual ceremony, but there is a number of photos capturing the whimsical decoration for the reception and even some food concepts.

The food strays on the safe side, choosing to keep things classy for the wedding. There are no huge character cakes but an elegant Pikachu tier-cake tries to keep the balance between ‘special occasion’ and ‘indulgently nerdy’.

Pokemon Wedding 2

The dessert plate is likewise closer to the ‘fancy’ end of the spectrum, with the sweets made and plated in the style of French cuisine. But the small references like a Poke-macaron and cocoa Pikachu tie it up nicely.

Pokemon Wedding 3


If it’s looking a bit tame for you, don’t worry because these decorative flairs will wash away your doubt. Cut-outs of Pokemon will grace the reception space, with little hints towards matrimony here and there — a groom’s hat, a bride’s veil, etc.

Pokemon Wedding 5


The place setting includes place cards and program pamphlets specially designed for the theme. It’s still unclear if the theme is customizable for any Pokemon, or if it only offers Pikachu.

Pokemon Wedding 4


Escrit, the wedding company, says “this is just the beginning of what makes the Pokémon Wedding Plan special. [It will] also feature a ‘wonderful performance’.” Many take that to mean that Pikachu himself will make a guest appearance and maybe even toast to your marriage.

Admit it: your inner weeaboo is screaming right now. If you’re trying to deny that you are one, just embrace it. Because once that Pikachu mascot comes out, there’s no fooling anyone with how excited you will get.

(If you really aren’t one, try watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood then get back to me)

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Would you have a wedding like this?